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Published on Oct 15, 2011

0:00 You've got to believe in everything I say
0:03 or go to hell
0:04 or heaven
0:05 (Because) And here's why you've got to agree with me:
0:08 because my mother never went to bed with anybody!
0:12 And that proves the truth of what I say,
0:15 (Or that) Or, by the way, I must have looked very dead when they took me down from the cross. But I didn't die. And that proves my point.
0:23 (I) I'm willing to grant it all. I'm willing to grant the immaculate conception first.
0:27 Then the virgin birth. Then the ressurection. And the annunciation, and the assumption.
0:32 I'm willing to grant all of it. It doesn't prove the truth of the proposition that you should take no thought for the morrow.
0:42 The central doctrine of Jesus of Nazareth. "Take no thought for the morrow."
0:45 No investment. No thrift. No care for your children.
0:50 That you should abandon your family. Not worry about construction, about investment, about anything.
0:55 Just follow me.
0:58 A ridiculous, and immoral proposition,
1:00 that as C.S. Lewis so cleverly (I must say, for him, very honestly) puts it,
1:04 means that either have been a maniac, a sick man, an evil man,
1:10 or that he must have believed that the world was coming immediately to an end. and that he was commanded to announce this fact
1:16 to the deluded bronze-age inhabitants of Palestine.
1:20 Because if he didn't believe that, if he didn't believe that he was divinely mandated, then his words would not have been inaccurate or false, they would have been wicked.
1:28 That's what you have to be talking about.
1:31 Now there is, on the historicity point, (there is) there are only two reasons I think to (to) suppose there may have been the figure of some kind of deluded rabbi present at that time.
1:45 The first is the fakery of the story.
1:48 The fakery itself proves something.
1:50 The prophesy says this man must [be] born in the house of David:
1:55 of David's line, in David's town.
1:57 [This] means he must be born in Bethlehem.
2:00 Jesus of Nazareth is well-known to be born in Nazareth.
2:03 In order to get him to Bethlehem, a huge fabrication has to be undertaken.
2:08 A census is proposed, by Caesar Augustus.
2:10 No such census ever took place.
2:13 (The, uh) The people of the region were not required to go back to their home town to be registered.
2:18 That's never happened.
2:20 Quirinius was not governor of Syria in that year, as the gospels say.
2:23 None of the story of the nativity is true, in any detail.
2:29 And not one of the gospels agrees with each other on this fabrication.
2:33 But the fabircation itself suggests something.
2:37 If they were simply going to make up the whole thing, and there had never been any such person,
2:43 then why not just have him born in Bethlehem right there, and leave out the nazarene business?
2:48 So, the very falsity of it, the very fanatical attempt to make it come right,
2:54 suggests that yes, there may have been a charismatic deluded individual wandering around at that time.
3:00 But which is most impressive to you: the fantastic fabrications, the unbelievably inane and inarticulate preachments, or the inconsistencies in the story?
3:10 You could mention another thing about the ressurection:
3:12 most of the witnesses to this are women.
3:15 Illiterate, stupid, deluded, hysterical females.
3:21 Of the kind who, in a jewish court at that time, would have had about as much chance of being listened to as they would in an islamic court today.
3:28 What religion, that wants its fabrication to be believed, is going to say
3:32 "You've got to believe it, because we have some illiterate hysterical girls who said they saw this."
3:36 No, it's impressive to me.
3:39 It's impressive to me that the evidence is so thin.
3:42 And is so hysterical.
3:44 And is so feeble.
3:47 And is so obviously, strenuously cobbled together.
3:52 Because it suggests that (there was) something was going on, there was some character.
3:57 And I don't want (to) to therefore to profane those who think that (no, that) there must have been something
4:02 and say that no, there was nothing.
4:04 This is not a whole-cloth fabrication.
4:05 But it us a very human, and very intelligible, and very (um) pitiable, I think,
4:15 practice of fraud.
4:17 (Uh) That may have worked on stupefied peasants in the greater Jerusalem area,
4:21 but should really have no power to influcense anyone in this room.
4:25 Whereas the noble methods, and words, and systems by which Socrates reasoned will continue to illuminate our path
4:36 for as long as we care about the only real gift we have, which is our independent, (um) intelligence.

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