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Published on Dec 3, 2009

Vodka's preview of the upcoming Icecrown patch. Experience the exciting new encounters and the rich lore awaiting in the next content patch. Be among the firsts to see how the story, years in the making, could come to an end.

Download this video in full resolution at the following link: http://www.filefront.com/15054191/Ice...

Song Information: Track - Artist - Album
Author's Note - The Shanghai Restoration Project - Story of a City
Deathless - Epic Score - Drama Vol. 1
The Haunted - Epic Score - Action & Adventure Vol. 4


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who cares
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what i care is the right to said my opinion, and no one ( including you) can stop me to said what i think
+Nishapve You cared enough to click on the video link, scroll down and post your worthless opinion. So I guess, many people do,including you.
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Get rid of LFR and just have normal, heroic and Mythic. Doing the same raids for over a year on 4 different difficulties is burning people out.
I think having Normal, Heroic and Mythic is good for catering to a wide variety of players. Like for us we are a mythic raiding guild, so we only do Heroic and Mythic, we cleared normal once in the 1st week and it took like 2 hours.  Then there is another guild i raid in, with just mates, we cleared Normal in about 2-3 weeks, then Heroic then worked on mythics. So we aren't getting burnt out because the time we spend doing normals is like very very little. Then there are other players who do Normal and Heroic, they might move onto mythic but that more of a bonus then their actual content they are hoping to clear, Then there are those that clear Normal and heroic but don't plan to do mythic cause they don't have 20 players. Then even further still there are those that clear Normal as their main content then work on heroic but might never clear it (i don't even know how thats possible but yea, those people exist) But for players that exist in the lower bands they end up also having to also do LFR just for minor, minor gear upgrades or to farm legendary mats and LFR is just such a mind numbing experience. Even me, i log in and do LFR on alts i don't really play just to get legendary mats and its such a boring grind.  I think the Introduction of artefacts that u can power up with lots of different activities might give players the opportunity to spread out what they do and not just afk in LFR. 
Xoros de Hunter
+VanorstusTV I would even say come back to just Normal and Heroic modes. They don't have to be easier, could be adjusted somewhere among what you mention. Even having to look at same scene in 3 different difficulties gets tedious and boring.
Daniel Fridarve
Sounds like they are in need of attention since Paragon decided the same thing xD
Gandalf The Grey
Nice one Blizzard, almost every fucking top guild is gone now. Return to your original game formula and things might get better, but with your 4+ difficulty levels of same fucking dungeon are you serious? No one wants to run same shit on 4 different difficulties just to reach hardest mode. Due your fucking lazyness where you abandoned open world content and then make excuse that LFR is there for everyone to "experience raiding", fuck off LFR is not there because of that. LFR is there because it's easier to put raid level down to idiot mode than actually go wild and make proper world content. And costs you nothing to change around numbers but it costs you quite a bit to design fun and engagin open world.
William Mills
Dat nostalgia tho. 
congratulations you are only about 6 years too late... faggots.
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munching popcorn, watching you destroy yourself
+Greed TheVirtue had i read that when i first seen it i might have not wondered why mmo champion linked a fucking ancient video randomly. don't be a fucking donkey. there was nothing said even on the forums that this was their video. And finally you Mongolian wench, i was replying as if to mmo champion for being a bit late on the video content... herp.. a...de...derp...
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The nostalgia feelings :')
the fuck..this was uploaded in 2009..fucking fail LMAO.
+meshowz This content came out in 2009, what's the fail?
What guilds are left? haha this game. killing itself.
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+Xartim Yes, the people that have started playing in vanilla, nearly 11 years ago, have gotten older and have bigger things to do in their lives, and less time to spend on this game. Its a shock,really. Oh wait...it's not. It's surprising WoW has stayed popular in the millions for as long as it did, probably breaking every other game's record as far as population sustained to years "alive".
+Xartim "Top" guilds leaving the game have no effect on the game at all. Sorry the only enjoyment you got was from watching no-lifes hammer on their keyboards 20 hours a day.
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