Gastric Bypass Surgery--Roux-en-Y Procedure





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Published on Oct 23, 2009

This video from Mayo Clinic describes the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure and nutritional guidelines for post-operative hospital patients.

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Jeanette Preston
your intake progresses each week so by week 7 you can eat any kind of food you can tolerate, just smaller amounts and you eat every 2-3 hrs.....plus protein shakes to supplement and vitamins.....if I could have done it on my own I would have, but I had to make the decision and face the reality what ever I tried didn't work......
jeff dye
I read all these comments and there's a lot of negativity, most coming from people who haven't had the procedure, but think they know everything. I had it 6 years ago. I've lost over 150lbs and have kept it off. I lead a normal life, although there's certain foods I still can't eat and probably never will be able to, but I don't have any regrets. BTW: I drink all the coffee and tea I want and it doesn't bother me. No 2 people are the same and have varied results. I've known lots of people who have had this and the ones who have trouble are usually the ones who don't follow the doctors orders and do things their own way.
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I lost 50kg in a year by just eliminating all sugar and wheat in all form or shape from my food. These operaions look to me like madness. Its like to take out 80% of the lungs to help a smoker to quit smoking. Who is making nice money here?
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So basically after the operation.... if you burp, it will actually be a fart?
I'm here because I met someone after not seeing them for a year. I was shocked how thin she looked and she told me that she had Gastric Bypass Surgery. I kept thinking that whomever talked you into this was mistaken because she looked ill to me and not healthy at all(You know when someone is super thin that the look ill)
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Susiela Al Hatta
Hi... do you have a video for bile reflux diversion.... for bile reflux.
boring nicole
Great video, really informative. But I just felt the need to say and share that this procedure, while I'm sure it's one of the best, definitely has more risks than benefits. Imagine only being able to have 1 oz of water per hour post-op, and on top of that, probably a super restricted diet for months after the procedure. That sounds torturous, if you really need to lose weight, there are better ways to do it, where you can still live your life. Because having only crystal light and whatever other zero-nutrition crap you have to consume for however long post-operatively, you'd be so much healthier eating nutrient dense foods and losing weight naturally. With something like this, with such intense calorie restriction, you're bound to drop weight extremely quickly which isn't healthy, and there's almost no doubt of gaining all or some of it back. I don't mean to offend anyone, just let you know the truth: there are much better, healthier, safer ways to lose weight. If you're interested check out HCLF (high carb low fat) veganism, like the McDougall diet or the Banana Girl diet where there's hardly any calorie restriction and you lose weight:)! And if going vegan or at least incorporating some aspects of it into your diet sounds extreme, face the facts, this diet is so much more extreme and there is no magical easy way to lose weight.
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The surgery should be outlawed. As the numbers increase and people start doing this surgery more and more problems are rising and many years down the line and immediately after even. I'll talk to many people that have had it and everybody has had some sort of problem but if you read online you will see that the problems are 2% 5% which is a complete lie. I know a person that still in the hospital now going on seven months he has lost half his lung from a leak. I know another friend that had it done 2 years ago and she's in the house out of the hospital with internal bleeding. Many other people I spoken to they suffer from weakness depression unable to really eat so quality of life is basically nothing. And a small amount gain weight back. This surgery is barbaric and should be outlawed
A LapBand can be removed - allowing your body to revert to what it was on birth. Any Gastric surgery that does like the Roux-en-Y procedure is not reversible. With both procedures, it can be cheated - simply by eating/swallowing food that will pass through. Knew of a woman who cheated by swallowing lots of gravy Whatever your choice, it remains to you to listen to your new structured stomach My Bariatric Surgeon put in a LapBand - an adjustable device. Whilst I haven't chosen to, if I want to have a holiday for a month - I can have my LapBand opened fully that will allow me to have a steak as long as I masticate it. Masticating is enjoyable as you chew your food before swallowing, you get to taste the food over and over before swallowing. After a break, you simply have your pouch put back to restriction, via saline injection, back to when you were at. I had to have Bariatric surgery after slamming on 30 kilos 73 to 103. I had swum every day for 4 decades till arthritis stopped me. My body and mind kept up the appetite and I wasn't burning the intake of calories. 10 years on, after a few years, I had retrained my body thinking. Two hip replacements have let me get back into swimming. To intake the nutrients to give me energy in swimming - I have my band opened fully. At 60, I am fit and back with my swimmer’s muscled tone and back with competing. If I choose, I can have LapBand removed. I am happy to leave it in- as it is not a burden being fully opened. I may have to stop swimming in future – so will just tighten the pouch with saline injection Conclusion – LapBand for me works for me as I have the will power to let it work. Cutting of stomach and it is irreversible. Try not to have anything cut. If you are morbidly obese and lacking in exercise – then go for any of the gastric cutting. If you feel you need calorie intake – have some liquid shakes to increase your nourishment.
Paulo cezar brossmann Brossmann
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