Greece vs turkey, the reality.





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Published on Jul 13, 2009

Turks believe numbers are everything?

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Eeia Eeia
Global Firepower: 1.United States 2.Russia  3.China 4.İndia 5.United Kingdom 6.France 7.Germany 8.Turkey 9.South Korea 10.Japan
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Nazi Minority
+GREEK EMPIRE What kind of world are you living in u faggot ? Worlds know we can rape u in week. We did it even  when  we havent got an army at 1918.We fucked up allies at Gallipoli.Than u at Asia Minor.Kardak crisis and Cyprus.Your hate making you more stupid.You are talking with pure blood Turk which his ancestors founded countries and empires over 60 from BC 400 to AD 2015.We nearly talking for 1 fucking YEAR.Use your brain to your lesson. Have a wonderful day :s
Hellenic Nationalist
+Nazi Minority who the fuck cares about Panzers and Turkish  landescpae, Hitler could take you in a week, turks were and are a third world country, your denvelopment is pathetic, your armament you still use is from cold war. Yes Greeks could fuck you well if not be able to make aggressive war due to the petit economic crisis but we still could easily defend, our equipment is better, our training is better, our borders are better.
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LOL .. thank you who made this video really I laughed.. Greeks are really funny boys..  anyway Greece is nothing for Turkey..
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dean yilmaz
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gündüz kurdu
This video is Fake hahahahahaahahahahah .Syria even have more powerfull than greek 
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Jimmy the German power k
+John J really you have that much money how did you earn so much money your mother must have been a prostitute and your sister your father must have been a gay and you're probably bend over for a lot of money for be huge cocks right up your ass tell me where can explain it otherwise you u-haul family probably it's on prostitution business
Regular John
+Jimmy the German power k Its the Kemal Ataturky footlong Dodger Dog LOLOLOLOL
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Spartans vs Ottomans? what a joke, Ottomans win ez
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Balaban Amca
We fucked Greece. case closed
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Billal Bal
turky best
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+MMv RRf  ο..... σκατα..... δν το ξερα.
Ömerhan Susam
+MMv RRf Are you greek ?
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Ertan Özbey
You just watched some gayreek masturbation.
lmao nice
the video maker must be a 12yrs old butthurt kid lol turkey is on the top ten list of most powerful armies in the world while greece ranks is 57 lol . also turkey has domestic supplies which means turkey dosen't only buy weapons they made them too while greeks buys some weapons with 5Billion$ lol i'm not turkish but it's a fact turkey would destroy greece in seconds 
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panagiotis king of greece
Name me other countries that still exist from ancient times. 
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Filozof saray
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lists and numbers on paper do not mean a thing. Historical facts and experience count. I suggest you guys sell some of these and pay your debts.
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gündüz kurdu
We TURKS are here to fuck to greeks and we always will be here.No one can do anything against us.You stupid greeks just should know this,the soils that you have were given you by the capitalist governments which enemies of Turks were.You never have made war  with us.You just entered in our country together  with France,England,İtaly as funky soldiers and Our Gradfaters kicked your funky ancestors from here to the Aegean sea.You greeks begged to İtally ,England ,France to take soil from us but you could not do.We didnt allow to take anything you from here.You are the same that pussies are fucked.You know that TURKS always have a power to fuck you is a generally accepted fact by everyone.Even we have more powerfull now to fuck your women in the asses.Dont be a keyboard soldier son of bitches greeks .İf your grandmathers live ,they say you that they were fucked by Turks and how they were terrorizeted.
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gündüz kurdu
+Gregori Pek EHehe why you cant send the number or the adress.İm serious i will come to fuck you but everyone sees that you are not a man.What do you have Whatsapp,twitter,face,yahoo,etc.Just give me one of them
Centaur Pholus
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DM Corn
fuck greece honestly you guys have so much complex, I am swedish though but the Turks doesn't talk about something happened for fucking 100 years ago u guys are such rats and doesn't even let Turkey in EU for since u got so much complex and now u have no money KARMA.
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Kostas Stavropoulos
+Rlee79 So Mahmoot , you think have no problem? You have no Army , no Navy , no Air-force, half of the staff is in prison ! Your economy sinks in deeeep waters . no tourism, no exports , Kourds will fuck you soon, USA loves them. And Vladimir  smiles ! You pay to much for an airplane !
Kostas Stavropoulos Your broke and in debt that is literally unpayable. So work hard greece. You may have to do so for a 1000 years.
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