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Published on Dec 5, 2012

MUST SEE FOR ALL CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS - The Big Debate Samuel Green gets defeated by brother Imran from IREF, Hyderabad, India. The BIBLE or The QUR'AN - Which Is The God's Word ?

Ma'sh'Allah ! [By Allah's Will] 1st International Debate between an Evangelical Christian
and a Muslim student of the Qur'an was held in Sydney, Australia on the 7th of July,
2012, Saturday at the Bellevue Auditorium.

Al Hamdulillah ! [ All Praises For Allah Alone] The Debate was a Great Success of the
Truth of Qur'an as the God's Word being established being represented by Br. Imran,

President, IREF, Hyderabad, India while Br. Imran academically disproved the Bible to be
the Word of God. Subhaan Allah ! [ All Glory Befits Allah Alone ] Reverend Samuel Green of Tasmania, Australia could not prove Bible to be the Word of God and his efforts to disprove Qur'an as Allah's Word went in vain as he was no match to argue with reason, logic, scientific understanding and most importantly with evidences to the arguments put forward by the Muslim representative of Islam i.e. Br. Imran of IREF, Hyderabad, India.

"Say, ' The Truth has arrived and Falsehood Perished for Falsehood is bound to Perish'".
Al Qur'an : Sura Bani Israel : 17 Aayat : 81



Br. Imran, as is Mujtaba Hussain Siddiqui popularly known, at an age of about just 25 years became the Founder President of IREF - Islamic Research & Educational Foundation, Hyderabad , India , established in 1998 C.E. A born Muslim and Indian, he was a student of Public Administration, Political Science and History from Nizam College, Hyderabad, India. Was motivated for Islamic Da'wah, after visiting the legend of modern day Islamic Da'wah, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat [late], in Riyadh , K.S.A.'s hospital, in 1996 while Br. Imran was employed there in an American firm. Br. Imran then, left his job and returned back to his own country, India , for good and as a self learning student of Islam and comparative religion began his Islamic Da'wah Career . After about three years, in 2001 C.E., Br. Imran was invited personally by another senior Islamic Da'yee, who is also said to be motivated by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and is presently President of an International Da'wah Center in Mumbai , India , established since 1992 C.E. Mash'Allah! Br. Imran had since then, developed himself as a public speaker, conducting several public talks, dialogues, public debates with non-Muslim Scholars and religious heads, seminars, symposia etc., locally , nationally and internationally .

Today, Br. Imran is a recognized world renowned orator on Islam and comparative religion , appreciated for his convincing answers, even to the most disturbing questions posed to him by non-Muslims as allegations or as misconceptions against / about Islam. Br. Imran is also appreciated for his talks on current issues, mainly related to Jihad , Terrorism , Muslim Condition Globally etc. An added advantage to Br. Imran is his orator ship in Urdu language. Alike his English talks he is greatly appreciated for his Urdu talks also.
During August - October, 2004 C.E., Br. Imran was invited by the U.S. Government to travel to various cities in the United States and interact with American Non-Muslims and Muslims. This unique exposure to interact with the U.S. Government's delegations and convey Islamic Faith to them in the right perspective along with comparative religion is a milestone in Br. Imran's Da'wah career and that gave a much closer view of the ideology and feelings of elite and normal American perception and understanding of Islam in the post September, 11, 2001 C.E. Meeting these American think tanks in one single time, is otherwise not a possibility for other international Da'yees. Br. Imran delivered about 23 lectures in the U.S. His worth remembering lecture is of Bradley University , Peoria , on the topic: Is Jihad The World's Problem? Analysis For A Solution . This lecture was attended by the local F.B.I. Chief , who greatly appreciated the talk and commented that he learnt many things of the Islamic viewpoint about terrorism and wished that such talks be conducted in every nook and corner of the United States of America . His talk of Morine Valley's Medical College is a worth remembering talk as it was attended by a 100% Non-Muslim audience. The topic of the talk was: INTRODUCTION TO ISLAM IN THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE . Br. Imran delivered at-least 5 Friday Sermons in cities like, Chicago , Peoria , Dallas Texas , New Jersey and South Carolina . He had also delivered about 10 talks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . He also became the first English speaker on the Da'wah Channel of King Fahad Hospital , Jeddah, K.S.A. and he delivered about 17 talks on his visit to Kuwait.

E-mail: islam@irefworld.net


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