The Many Ways Mario Has Been Killed In His 25 Years Of Gaming (Original)





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Published on Mar 15, 2012

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Mario has been through many games in his 25+ years of gaming starting from Donkey Kong all the way his latest games Super Mario Land 3D. Many obstacles has got in his way trying to kill him so couldn't saved that stupid princess who always finds herself being captured... Going through most of his games my brother has gathered all the different ways he has got killed... We tried to use as many games as possible so you're just not seeing the same game over and over again. We Hope you enjoy this video and hope you enjoy the epic music we picked out for it.... The Music is from Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Final Boss made by "Ryo Nagamatsu."

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Games Used:

#1 = Donkey Kong (1983) NES
#2,3 = Super Mario Bros (1985) NES
#4 = Wrecking Crew (1985) NES
#5 - 7 = Super Mario Bros 2 (1987) NES
#8 - 11 = Super Mario Bros 3 (1988) NES
#12 = Super Mario World (1990) SNES
#13 = Super Mario All-Stars (1993) SNES... Lost Levels (1986) Famicom
#14 = Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995) SNES
#15 - 22 = Super Mario 64 (1996) N64
#23,24 = Mario Kart 64 (1996) N64
#25,26 = Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996) SNES
#27 = Super Smash Bros (1999) N64
#28 = Paper Mario (2000) N64
#29 - 31 = Super Mario Sunshine (2002) GC
#32 = Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003) GBA
#33 = Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004) GC
#34 = Mario vs. Donkey Kong (2004) GBA
#35 = Mario Pinball Land (2004) GBA
#36, 37 = Super Mario Galaxy (2007) Wii
#38 = Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008) Wii
#39 = Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010) Wii
#40 = Super Mario 3D Land (2011) 3DS
Types of Death:

Barrel - Anything large that hits Mario could fit this description.
Head on Collision - A direct hit from an enemy.
Time's Up - Lots of Mario games have timers, and when it runs out you end up dying.
Projectile - I know it's a fireball, but snowballs, hammers, all these basic attacks do the same thing.
Bottomless Pit - You just keep on falling and falling. Who knows if there's a bottom.
Slow-sand/Suicide - You sink at a very slow pace. So unless if you think there's something hidden, your basically committing suicide.
Explosion - Bob-omb are everywhere in the Mario series and will cause explosion deaths.
Swallowed - When a fish gets hungry, look out, because your his next lunch. This fish also exists in Super Mario 64.
Sunburnt - It's a direct hit but a hot one!
Counter attack - You knock the enemy away, and it comes right back at you.
Laser - Lasers are very dangerous. Lasers were in Super Mario RPG, and Super Mario Galaxy...maybe more.
Crushed - It's a one hit kill, especially if you get crushed sideways.
Food Poison - Don't eat the purple mushrooms, they can kill you!
Kidnapped - We don't know exactly how Mario was killed, but it started with a kidnapping.
Burning - Mario die from being set on fire. Mario 64 is the only Mario game that I know where you die like this.
High Fall - Mario slams the ground so hard that he can die from it!
Gassed - Mario can't breathe and eventually dies!
Whirlpool - You get stuck in a whirl pool. That's going to cost you one life!
Rolled Over - Kind of like crushed but you don't lose all your health at once. The Mario Kart series had this to.
Freezing Water - The water is so cold that you can only stand it for so long.
Tossed - Thrown high in the air and you slam back down on your back. Ouch!
Freeze Burnt - The water is so cold that it hurts, Mario defines gravity and jumps back out.
Car Crash - Where did Wario get his license?
Losing a race - If you don't consider this clip a death, then don't forget games like Mario Galaxy has racing(1 on 1).
Unavoidable - It's part of the story so you have no choice but to die. Paper Mario had this to.
Magic - Any type of magical attack. The witches in Super Mario World cast magic as well.
Sacrifice - DK sacrifices himself to kill Mario. Mario is so screwed!
Leeched - An enemy sucks the health of Mario to heal themselves.
Acid - Basically any type of poison that kills you just by touching it.
Drowning - Mario can't breathe and he was so close to the surface.
Shocked - Shocking, isn't it Mario?
Kissed - Mario dies from a kiss? No wonder he doesn't have sex.
Bitten - Let's take a bite of Mario! Parana plants can bite Mario as well.
Spikes - And here I thought Mario could jump!
Down the Drain - I wonder where this pipe lead, since it killed him.
Quicksand - It's drowning in sand and quickly. There's no escaped.
Disintegrated - I wonder if this even hurts?
Knockout - I guess Luigi wants the spot light from now on.
Black hole - There is no escape from a Black hole!
Lava - It burns, it burns. Lava is the most used environment in the Mario series.


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