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Uploaded on Jul 6, 2011

Some dudes rap about Words With Friends.
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It's the WWF bitch, so keep your shit raw
I be spelling 7 letter words you never even saw
drop your jaw, before we the chorus
this brain looks at a thesaurus and says "that shit'll bore us"

Back the fuck up, my lexicon's illustrious
making words with tiles son I get industrious
I come furious with it, I'm mad serious with it
You want a nice meal? I'll even get epicurious with it

Now you know I ain't a player but I tend to be a whore,
when it comes to writing cross the triple letter and word scores
How many points can you brace yourself for?
I'll throw quinoa on the board, chalk up 144

points, I'll smoke your ass while smoking joints
puff pass, even faded, my games on point
Bitch, you better know that I be spelling words until the end
that's right, this is Words With Friends

Now here's where I take over, I'm playing this shit so scary
Don't need no Ivy League degree to beat your vocabulary
what you're seeing here is real like cumshaw and quetzal
I'm the white word doctor with the mother fucking cureall

I got more words than California's got grass
you think extinct might stink, I'll go Jurassic on your ass
cause I'm the king of the jungle, the literate tyrannosaurus
now this mortal shit won't fly, it's time for my apotheosis

You wanna learn from me? Bend over for your master,
taking me on unprotected will help you learn much faster
Watch me hook my plurals as you suck on my spermatic
be quick, cause I'm thinking you were born anencephalic

only English words, proper nouns are out
sorry Ms. Black but weekdays, they don't count
don't pitch a fit, bitch, over words you cannot comprehend
That's right, this is Words With Friends

Yo, I been thinking about this girl I played the other day
I beat her like Chris Brown with his Grammy date
though she did try to flatter me, I was all about the battery
after proving my word mastery I told her to get outta here

Some of these bitches be - cheating
But I know they can't handle the - beating
If you wonder why I'm always - grinning
it's cause I play like Charlie Sheen - winning

My smart phones spits so sick it makes bitches quit
Mad prolific, and digitally eloquent
Word game flow, like a Shakespeare sonnet
My vocabs got a wallet, it's the one with Bad Mother Fucker on it

I jerked off in the faces of both Merriam and Webster
Chopping up my Words with Friends foes like Dexter
Check your priorities before you hit send
Fuck bitches, get money, and play words with friends

AB - AD - AG - AL - AM - AN - AR - AS - AT - AW - AX

BA - BE - BI - BO - BY - DE - DO - ED - EF - EL - EM - EN - ER - ES - ET


ID - IF - IN - IS - IT - JO - KA - KI - LA - LI - LO

MO - MU - MY - NA - NE - NO - NU - OD - OF - OM - ON - OP - OR - OS - OW


HM - AA - AH - FA - PA - HA

OI - OY - BE - EX - OH - OX - OE - PI


UM - UN - UP - US - UT - TA - TI - TO

HO - MA - ME - MI - SI - SO - WE - WO

FE - GO - YE - YO

YA - ZA - RE - PE

QI - UH - XI - XU

HE - AE - AI - HI


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