XTC - Rockpalast (February 10, 1982)





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Published on Aug 12, 2011

Respectable Street
Towers of London
Jason and the Argonauts
Burning With Optimism's Flames
Ball And Chain
Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)
No Thugs In Our House
Senses Working Overtime
Making Plans For Nigel
Living Through Another Cuba
Generals and Majors
Real By Reel
Life Begins At The Hop

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This is a highly underrated drummer.
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Sidney Stubbe
Thanks for uploading this! These guys should have been as big as the Police in the 80's or R.E.M. in the 90's
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Joseph Marrero
I can't help but speculate that if XTC had better management, who knew how to take better care of Andy and his problems that perhaps they would still be touring, or at least playing a handful of gigs somewhere in the world today.
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A band with two bona fide musical geniuses, Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, and of course Dave Gregory and Terry Chambers are outstanding in their own right.  They consistently put out incredible, catchy though also sophisticated music.  I would say it's a shame more people aren't aware of them, but I think I might rather keep them to myself...and away from the heathens who don't know any better!
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robert piekarski
bar none the best band in the 80s
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Paulo Cezar
They were simply too smart for common people to understand them...
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my music 1340
Black Sea is still one of my top 5 LP's of all time. Great to finally see a great concert in this era by one of the best bands of all time. Inspired Lunacy - you are so right racketman2u!
Liam Jennings
I never saw them play live.... so until now XTC were just an album band to me. THANK YOU for posting this video.... NOW I understand why their live shows were so highly rated!! The energy levels caused by the rhythm section, bass, and the hyperactive Andy Partridge..... what a BUZZ!
Charles Den-Baars
Great to see this!  I saw them live when they opened for the Police in Tucson jan. '81 i believe.  XTC was touring for their Black Sea lp and i swear they played way longer than any opener i have ever seen!  It seemed like they played nearly every song off their first 4 lps!  They had so much energy it was incredible!  They also had the very best light show fx i have ever seen!  It was like they treated the stage as if it was a giant tv screen, and they had staic fuzz, horizontal and vertical lines of color and you could barely make out figures onstage.  Then right at a certain lyric or note a small spot-light would pinpoint Andy or Colin's face, or just a cymbal!  Incredible visuals, beyond a Pink Floyd light show.  And drummer Terry Chambers was on fire that night, rock solid beats!
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This is such a treasure.  This has got to be XTC at their very zenith--yet so fragile.  English Settlement is my very most favorite album, yet it's so strange to see the crowd barely reacting--because it had not yet been released!  so those monster pieces of pop perfection like Sense Working Overtime and No thugs In Our House were not yet etched into the heads of all fans everywhere like they are now.  A couple of months later, this crowd would have been going mental--even Germans! Often bands like XTC who are such perfection in the studio do not translate well to a live show, but XTC are so brilliant live.  Wow.  They really rock out, but they are also so totally PRECISE, and so many of XTC's songs are incredibly complex, layered, and, well, TRICKY.  These guys are top musicians, every one of them.  I love seeing the vocal interplays between Colin and Andy, and Andy manages to reign in his vocal nuttiness, something a lesser talent would have let get away from him.  All the yelps and "woo hoos" are done with razor sharp restraint.  My only wish--this would have made it a perfect set--is for them to have done "It's Nearly Africa", with those amazing percussion riffs.  Andy's vocals are almost more percussion than singing on that track--it would have been great live.   The politics of the time really make a showing.  The Cold War was in full thrust, and we were all still totally scared of a nuclear war.  This is West Germany.  Before the Wall went down.  And South Africa was still deep into Apartheid, and a big topic on every European band's lips.  It was still really effing cool to be political, and a great majority of the Brit New Wave bands were unashamedly political in their lyrics and their live shows.  It meant something to be a rebel; not just an outfit of clothes or a night of getting wasted, and "bling" culture would have been laughed out of the room. All said, WOW, what a band.  I hate sounding like a jaded oldster, but they really don't make 'em like they used 'ta.
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