Inside 9/11 - Who controlled the planes?





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Published on Sep 7, 2011

Why made all four hijacked planes on 9/11 long detours? How did the hijackers know about "radar holes"? How could they conduct key hijacking events simultaneously all within 10 minutes? Who controlled the planes?

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Overwhelmingly evident of an inside job.
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michael pound
The phony attack on the Pentagon, which because it is a high security and classified complex that makes it unable to be publicly investigated or examined, and therefore is open to total fabrication, underscored the public indignation and horror, to ramp up military spending, and make credible a war on terror. The total unbelievability of the attack and its damage  shows the whole 9/11 event was planned and orchestrated by the authorities, and when you revisit all the happenings on that day, you know it can't be any other way. 9/11 was the chance for America to invade where they wanted, and to introduce new laws to surveil populations to tighten their grip on power.....If the terrorists had wanted to kill many thousands more at the towers, wouldn't 11 am have been a better time to strike?.........
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Fit freak
too bad a plane didnt hit the IRS building
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P. Vivek
stop designing a plane in which transponders can be switched off!!!!
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Tory Smith
The DNA evidence of who controlled these two planes is the same- Dick Cheney. There is no DNA evidence of any people on these two planes. There is a connection to artificial intelligence on both planes. The DNA of the one controlling the missile into the Pentagon is Dick Cheney. There are 4001 people in Heaven that say they were murdered by Dick Cheney on 9/11. But none of them were on the planes.
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John Young
the investigation into 9/11 has as many holes and resemblances as the jfk investigation.identical even
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There WERE NO PLANES . . . .we know this because planes can't ghost into a wall of 40 steel support girders . . . .weighing tons each, spaced 39" apart.. . . . And we are left with a cartoon silhouette of the wings on the side of the building as if they cut through solid steel  . . .!!!! My brain won't allow me to believe that.  The perfectly shaped fragile 767 nose cannot poke through two walls of steel girders . . . when a mere bird impact will destroy the composite 767 nose cone at slower take off and landing speeds of less than 300 miles per hour. Also - REMOVING the camera shake from the chopper footage causes the fake plane to shake . . . proving beyond ANY doubt the plane was a computer image.
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I'm not saying there were "No Planes" I just need some type of reasonable and half ass Scientic Explanation!!! Because The Spece Suttle Columbia Hit Earth's Atmosphere with the SPEED OF OVER 17.000 Miles/hour,smashed to Pieces it fell over 3 States,yet NASA Still recovered over 70% of the Wreckage!!! And also found the remains of the fallen Astronouts! But at 9-11 The planes totally disintegrated and so did the bodies! The 4 Planes not even 1% of it was discovered and non of the Remains of the Passangers and "Terrorists" were found??? The planes were going between 300 and 550 Miles/hour. Explane it please so it makes sence!
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G Heald
I contend Debunkers have not investigated anything related to 9-11 aside from the MSM/Govt. official book of lies. They're nothing but cowards trolling the comments of videos they are afraid to review, bowing down to Government control without question out of fear and loyalty. The following facts prove the official story stands alone at a distant 2nd next to the mother lode of cock'n bull stories. Religion.  1.  MSM never aired the collapse of building 7 after 9-11-2001. Why? 2.  The FBI refuses to release video evidence proving the Govt. claim a plane hit the Pentagon. 3.  6 out of 10 Commissioners involved in the 9-11 Report claim they were lied to and denied access to key information. 4.  The Investigation into finding the cause of the worst engineering failure in U.S. history was delayed for 447 days, under funded and a cover up from start to finish. 5.  The disappearance of whistle blowers murdered in suspicious freak accidents going un-investigated. 6.  NIST failing to test for  the most likely hypothesis for the collapse. Explosives. Instead settling for the least likely hypothesis. Fire.  7.  Top Military Brass including the NORAD Base Commander who were responsible for the largest security failure in U.S. history were paid huge bonuses and promoted to cushy White House Jobs. Instead of being relieved of duty as anyone would suspect. 8.  Bomb sniffing dogs were not allowed to enter the Towers starting 10 days before 9-11 and not allowed to return. 9.  There were elevator upgrades going on in the months leading up to 9-11 and selected elevators had armed guards posted outside. 10.  The power was cut to both Towers from Friday night until early Monday morning unlocking all the doors to offices the weekend before 9-11. 11.  Tenants in the Towers claim there were large amounts of dust found on the window sills, desks and file cabinets on Monday mornings in the weeks leading up to the attack. 12.  President Bush’s brother Marvin was top level executive for the security  Company Lucky Larry recently hired to take over the security at the WTC. 13.  Workers carrying large tool boxes claiming to be working on the elevators were entering and exiting the Towers prior to 9-11. 14.  Paul Bremmer was interviewed at a local news station the morning of 9-11, laying down the official story blaming Bin Laden as the Mastermind without any remorse or concern for the 200 or so employees who just perished in the collapse. 15.  The crime scene was destroyed when all the steel from building 7 and most of what was remaining from the Towers was sent to China for smelting, This when investigators were not allowed to enter ground zero. 16.  MSM failed to mention a category 3 hurricane (Erin) was 100 miles off shore barreling down on Manhattan the morning of 9-11. This before the 1st plane struck the tower. Then doing a about face at 11 am changing directions heading out to the NE to dissipate in the north Atlantic. 17.  Norman Minetta testified under oath V.P. Cheney told a White House aide "the order still stands, have you heard anything to the contrary'" referring to dispatching F-18's to intercept the plane heading for the Pentagon. 18.  Tower 1 collapsed the same way as Tower 2 even though the planes struck the towers at a angle, exiting not in the back but, the side of the Towers. Subsequently leaving most if not all of the core columns in tact. 19.  Fundamental laws of physics were either violated or proven wrong when a opposite reaction was missing from both the impacts and collapses, standing for over 300 years surviving after countless attempts to be dis-proved. I have not seen any jerk-off Debunkers being considered for winning the Nobel Prize in Physics after pointing this out. 20.  80% of the steel, most of the concrete and all of the office furniture was missing in the debris pile from both towers. Which by the way was no taller than 2 stories after 200,000 tonnes of steel and 110 floors just pancaked down stopping at the lobby floors. 21.  Cars and Trucks were reduced to rusted burned out shells while parked under trees which were undamaged by the fires. 22.  A lucky break for Rumsfeld when the supposed plane just happened to strike the Pentagon dead into the budget office. Destroying all the files and killing all but 1 auditor brought in to locate the 2.3 trillion dollars Rumsfeld just reported missing from DoD coffers the day before in a press conference. If you think this was a lucky break wait til you hear the next one. 23. Fortunately, the hard drives were backed-up and stored in a off-site location. Unfortunately, they the off-site location was building 7. A lucky break? Not hardly. 24.  Underwriters Laboratories conducted tests on the same steel as used in the towers, subjecting it to hotter temperatures and longer periods of time than possible in the towers and the steel failed to even weaken. 25. When Dr. Judy Wood attempted to file a lawsuit forcing NIST to correct false claims made in the 9-11 report. Why would the Judge comment before throwing the case out as frivolous. “Do you have a death wish?”
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okey dokey
Unbelievable how they basically announced what their intentions were just months before with the lone gunman. It's like they're laughing in our face with that shit. It's pretty scary to think how much control a very very miniscule group of people have on our planet.
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