Food: Cutting of Blowfish (Fugu) in Japan





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Published on Mar 31, 2007

If you don't get it right, your guests are dead. Blowfish (Fugu) cutting requires 7 years of intense training. Here is a bit more on the evening when we had that Fugu at a University of the Entrepreneurs' Organization in Tokyo:


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Who cares if it's alive. Here in America, animals are routinely slaughtered every day in mass industrial quantities. Their deaths are less humane than this.
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I hope you people know that once the brain has been disconnected, the rest of the body no longer senses pain. No, just because it still moves and wriggles does not mean it's struggling as it enters its afterlife, the body parts just fuckin haven't finished exhausting the energy it's gotten from the food it's eaten yet. Stop being fucking stupid. I'm starting to think the Japanese are extremely intelligent, more commonly knowing that this is an okay way to serve food from a live animal. Their deaths are quick and as painless as possible. Think of the slaughterhouses we have in the fuckin' states. A young piglet literally has its fucking testicles RIPPED out by hand with zero anesthetic substance and is just kept, ready to be slaughtered for Wal-Mart. They're most likely just beaten up to death or some shit, rather than immediately disconnecting whatever parts of the body can "sense" any pain. Even then, once it's dead, IT'S DEAD. THERE'S NO USE IN COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PAIN. THE PAIN WAS TEMPORARY, AND IT WILL NEVER "FEEL" AGAIN. I really seriously despise just how ignorant us Americans can be.
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That is so easy. I can do that no problem. Here, hold my beer...
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Alright, looks like I got enough training from this video.  Time to try myself and see if I survive.
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Kek y u so sad?
Not really one of those "omg they are hurting the animals!!" But seriously, asia is so fucking cruel. (not the whole continent, mostly china and Japan) THey dont even hesitate to kill the animals before they start chopping them. So mean
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Hilman Maulana
@ 0:47 men : what part of it is poisonous? women : the inside well no shit..
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Ascension Archangel Ray
Annnnd there goes Mrs. Puff.
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As a chef, I can say that is very, very skilled, a craft developed over years of training and a delicacy in Japanese culture. To answer a few questions, the tetrodotoxin is secreted in the liver, that is the part that will unquestionably end your life for certain. The fish must be handled live and prepared live to stop the toxin from flooding the body. If the chef accidentally cuts in to the liver or compromises the abdominal membrane its all over, the fish is void. The chef in the video isolated this part immediately, keeping all the organs in the sac. Very skilled. However there is still, through natural process, a infinitesimal amount of toxin on the flesh which, as tetrodotoxin is a neurotoxin, gives the 'high' that makes the dish attractive. Personally I wouldn't risk it as I don't know my tolerance to such things as it's not part of my culture.
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Khadejah Johnson
I'm guessing that everyone making comments about animal cruelty are all vegetarians?
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I'm not one of those that go "oh that poor fishy", but seriously though, so much of that fish goes to waste, does killing it really justify the end result?
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