I fell inlove with my enemy Ch.38 (A Justin Bieber love story).





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Published on Jul 21, 2010

Lots of fun today at school!!! :D
I have a riddle:
"What is greater than God and more evil than a devil.
The poor has it and the rich don't need it."


Kelsi's POV

The boy that I saw went near me. I smiled but the truth is I'm faking it! I don't want drama! Come on.. Please???

"Hey Kelsi!"

"Hi Caleb."

"Do you mind if I sit with you?"

"No." It was an awkward silence after that.

"So..." I started. "Not to be rude or anything but...what are you doing in here?"

"Well I love beaches." He smiled.

"Not to be rude or anything again... But why did you picked this beach?" He laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked.

"Well it seems to me that you don't want me here." I sighed.

"Am I too obvious?"

"Well you're too easy to read, I guess."


"It's okay. But why don't you want me in here? Did I do something wrong?" He asked.


Justin's POV

Me and Amber started to build a sand castle and it was quite fun. We were laughing and talking. But it didn't felt, like when I am with Kelsi. It's like Amber was just a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.
Chaz and Ryan came towards us.

"Where's Kelsi?" I asked.

"She went to the smoothie place." Ryan answered me.

"Oh.. Come on." I started walking.

"Where are you going, Justin?" Amber questioned me.

"To the Smoothie place." I started to walk and I heard someone sighed. I didn't turned around, I just continued to walk while Ryan, Chaz and Amber were just following behind.

When we were at the smoothie place, I saw Kelsi. I smiled but I didn't know why.
And then I noticed a guy sitting with her. They were the only customers in there.
My smile turned into a frown. Am I jealous?

Kelsi's POV

"Well..." I stopped. The waiter gave me the smoothies that I ordered.

"Thank you..." I looked at his tag name. "George." He smiled.

"Well..." I started again and then I stopped again. This time it wasn't George it was Justin coming towards us with Ryan, Chaz and AMBER! Oh boy!!!

"Why did you stopped again?" Caleb smiled but when he turn around he saw Justin, Ryan, Chaz and AMBER, and then his smile turned upside down. Me and Caleb both stand up.

"Hi Kelsi. Why are you with..Caleb?" Justin asked me with a tone. I could already see his hand turning into a fist.

"I...uhmmm...well...uhh...I was waiting..." I could not concentrate, I was looking at Justin's hand trembling, like he want to punch someone. And I already knew that someone. I don't want a fight and I don't want two boys who are really great fighting over a girl like Amber. She's not worth it.

"Well...???? You're waiting and what?!" Justin shouted angrily. But before I could speak, he punched Caleb and then Caleb fell on the floor. Soon both of them started giving each other punches. Ryan, Chaz and Amber stopped them but they couldn't. Caleb and Justin seems too eager to fight for both of what they were fighting for, AMBER. Ugh!!!
When Caleb fell on the floor again, I stopped Justin cause I knew he will punch him again. I hold his wrist and looked at him, right in the eyes.

"Stop." I told him. And then his anger face was slowly fading away. He sighed.

Justin's POV

Caleb fell on the floor and I was about to punch him again. But Kelsi stopped me by holding my wrist. She said,"Stop.", while looking at me straight in the eyes. Somehow, it calm me a bit. I sighed.
Actually I didn't know why I punched Caleb on the first place. Maybe because on what she did to Amber or because Kelsi was with him. Soon, Kelsi helped Caleb to stand up. Wow, I really give him a punch but he also give me some.

"Ryan help me with Caleb, we're going to bring him on his house. Chaz, stay with Amber and Justin. Bring Justin home now." She said. I was about to argue but she stopped me.

"Go! Now!" She ordered. I sighed. Why does she need to take that jerk instead of me?! Ugh!
Amber, Chaz and I started to walk. I turn around and looked at Kelsi. She was looking at me too. We were looking at each other straight in the eyes but she sighed and turned around. I sighed too and I continued to walk. I'm falling for my enemy but I just don't want to admit it to myself.



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