Teen killer assails judge at sentencing





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Published on Dec 10, 2010

A Rochester teenager learned his fate for beating a group home counselor to death in Lockport. But before Anthony Allen was hauled off to prison, he fired off at the judge.

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SunPower Guru
I am not familiar with the details of this case, but found it a little disturbing that the judge would state that she knew he was a monster as soon as she laid eyes on him. Isn't the judge supposed to presume innocence and, you know, like look at the evidence and listen to testimony? How could he have gotten a fair trial if the judge had decided he was guilty as soon as she looked at him?
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Made in USA
I don't think it matters what the judge thinks about the defendant. The judge just oversees the trial. He/she keeps order, assures rules are followed. The jury determines whether the defendant is guilty or not. It probably was not the smartest thing to admit, but I don't think it is grounds for mistrial. Just my opinion.
I'd say that's grounds for a mistrial.
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Todd Mastrianna
his hairstylist is also up for charges
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hairstylist? lmao
I thought it was Lloyd Christmas.
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Just put two bullets in the back of his head and move on. Why do I have to pay my hard earned money to keep this guy alive? Just kill the guy and then use that tax money that was spent on him towards college students or public education or something...
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Tariq Khan
Judge knew he was a monster from the first time she saw him? If I was the defence attorney I would use the statement from the judge to throw out the case based on bias. May be he is a monster but Judge needs to know better what to say in court.
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Gadget Addict
Does the judge not put herself in danger of being called bias by saying that she thought he was a monster the first moment she saw him? It's like judging a book by its cover. If she already thought he's guilty before she's even heard any evidence then that doesn't bode well for a fair trial. I'm not saying the guy isn't guilty, just that the judge should work on evidence, not feelings.
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Or why Daniel O'neal should remove his head from his faggot ass and learn to read.
Daniel O'neal
That's why women should NOT be judges
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Judge seems like a bias bitch! She looks at him, thinks he looks like a monster, says 25 to life!! then bangs her gavel like she's angry about going through menopause. Unfair bitch should be sacked!
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Longo 2Times
+Michael Lensch welcome to the united states of tyranny. 
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kids not geting there ass whipped by daddy you end up with this
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Damon Ashley
Man I would hate to be involved in a court case where the judge was a broad.
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Jack Capone
Trust me, men give you an extra 10 years if their coffee is cold in the morning. This douche bag should have been taken out of the court and beat to death with a bag of door knobs on the courthouse steps
I hate to be out in the dark for fear of a murdering, raping man.
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To all people who are criticizing the judge: imagine it was your daughter, sister, or mother was brutally beaten to death by this filth.
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Daniel O'neal
That's why women should NOT be judges
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These people don't belong in prison. They belong in a "judgement room," where the family of his victims can "judge" him, with no limits. 
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Made in USA
Warden, I don't believe most violent criminals can be rehabilitated. They do not want to be. The repeat offenders that get sent back need to be made very unhappy. These creatures should be put down like a mad dog if they cannot be trusted on the streets. What is the deterrent to make them go straight if they like it in prison. Make them where pink underwear, bust rocks, work the chain gang. Checkers, cards, movies, weight lifting is not deterring them from going back!
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