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Genesis - The Musical Box , Belgian TV - Six Hours Live 2DVD Set

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Pubblicato il 22 feb 2007

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My 2 most recent Genesis 1970s classic concert reclamation projects on DVD:
- The Lamb Comes Alive! 1975 2DVD set! check out clips here -
and here -
- Genesis In Concert 1974 40th Anniversary Selling England Tour 2DVD set -

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Audio restored!
Listen how crisp those cymbals/instruments are in this remastered version of the Belgium TV Show recorded in early 1972. And the only place it's available is on Six Hours Live 1972-1980 - double live DVD
To hear the most beautiful rock music ever written, find a record store near you and buy these CDs from my favorite Genesis era:

Trespass - 1970
Nursery Cryme - 1971
Foxtrot - 1972
Selling England By The Pound - 1973
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - 1974
A Trick Of The Tail - 1976
Wind & Wuthering - 1977

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    • FOXTROT DVD Extras - Brussles, Belgium - Rock of the 70's 1972
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    • Genesis

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