Penn reminds us why Libertarians are awesome.





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Published on Jun 21, 2010

Video Note: Penn discusses (rants) about the illogical corn subsidies in America. I happen to agree with Penn on this specific issue but I am personally not a Libertarian; honestly I posted this mainly because I found it entertaining. Try and remember that Penn is an entertainer, so don't take this too seriously (see crazy comments) should you disagree.

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lots of angry commies in the comments, lol.
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With regulation comes corruption. 
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Shokuji Akai
Short but sweet & something to think about.
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Gaspar Genaro
Libertarians and ancaps is growing strong in Brazil.
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Will Terry
Wish you would do it without all the F-bombs so I could share it to more people...you made a great point without them...
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- Hey I have cancer - Do you have a million dollars to pay for threatment? - No. - Well, you can die in terrible pain for all I care. LIBERTARIANS
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Hahahaha! Totally agree, FUCK YOU socialists!
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Richard Alexander
Libertarians are crazy or stupid or both. Penn and Teller are simply being obtuse in this video. Corn subsidies don't define government, and they don't mean that government should not regulate commerce.  "The Atlantic" ran a great article illustrating that Libertarians--especially the wacko anti-government extremists--are wrong:  "Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the Internet" http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/01/the-dark-lord-of-the-internet/355726/
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Communist society, tax money goes in, tax money wasted on useless jobs and inefficient spending, money that comes out to spend on the population is less then what was put in. If we got rid of the middle man, we could have the money come out more efficiently. Because the money isn't being used to run the government in the first place, more money to spend on bread.
If anyone cares, I did the math (with the figures that are AVAILABLE, of course) If corn was not subsidized, in order for farmers to make the same amount of money, you would have to pay an extra 24% (of the corn based portion) on all foods that include corn. This does NOT take into consideration that demand for corn will go down if it's not dirt cheap and people will buy less of it meaning that prices will, in turn be rising until equilibrium is met. Since I don't think MOST established corn using industries (chips, soda, snacks, etc) will be giving up corn as their go-to ingredient, The demand related spike for the price of corn should be fairly modest. If I were to guess with my badass psychic powers (even though it wouldn't be a guess at that point) I would guess you could expect to see a 26-29% rise in the price of corn products if all subsidies were abolished, and I would imagine the actual domestic sale of corn would decrease by about 6-8 percent in the fairly immediate future.
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