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Published on Aug 12, 2012

Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential pick. Paul Ryan is evil. Here is a video.

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Comments • 1,690

your friendly neighborhood shitposter
i bet paul ryan punches puppies 
Ganta Igarashi
just fuck my shit up fam So fucked up :(
Albus Kane
+Stew Pid He punches them, then sodomizes them at gunpoint while infected with weaponized venereal Ebola.
The Republican party is a fucking joke.
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I could not have said it better ::^)
DelToro Perdedor
+Ganta Igarashi and who's a "real" christian in your opinion? The one that believes in the same flavour of BS you believe in?
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Justin Griffith
Rich get tax breaks and poor pay more! Wtf how are we low income motherfuckers supposed to get anywhere in life when were having to give most of our money to the government and I don't get why people hate gays so much there's nothing wrong with consensual sex between two adults and he's trying to pass a bill for a rapist to sue thier victim......I find it terrifying that people like Paul Ryan have political power.
Albus Kane
+nuster rab Don't forget to leave room for me and the fursuit I will someday make when I can be assed.
nuster rab
I said the same thing and one told me Canada is open need help to pack? Ill stick around
Evil is just another religious concept that needs to be abandoned. He's not evil, he's just another Republican asshole....
Aidan McLaren
+Old Fart "Evil" can be used to describe a detrimental negativity, not just a religious concept. Isn't "Absolution" used in a non-religious way also?
True that!
Matt Anderson
Not one of those White-house pukes have ever served in the Military not one and Paul Ryan would piss and shit himself is he was in actual combat.
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Tungsten Tourniquets
Were you talking to someone, cuz... this looks kinda weird.
Matt Anderson
I bet you haven't or your just a ground pounder infantry.
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"Pretty much evil" is far too nice to the point of being inaccurate. Paul Ryan is the epitome of evil. He uses religion as an excuse to oppress people that he feels are inferior but hides behind the Bible to try to make people think he is somehow pious for forcing women to continue pregnancies even when their lives could be at stake, and then for all those children that he wants to be born to dead mothers who died while giving birth or during pregnancy complications, he wants them to be forced to stay orphans forever even though there are plenty of same-sex families who would give all they could to provide a loving, stable environment for them. On top of that, he doesn't want the elderly to be able to afford life-saving medications unless they happen to be filthy rich, and he doesn't want anyone to get an education unless their parents can afford to pay thousands of dollars in tuition every year. He is the most evil U.S. politician who has ever lived.
...was Hitler a U.S. politician?
More evil than Hitler?
Paul Ryan is corrupt by philosophy, not corrupt by nature. That's infinitely scarier.
Ganta Igarashi
drandomvideocritic O_O it is omg
DelToro Perdedor
drandomvideocritic he also always gives off the mediocre actor portraying a sociopath vibe
There is so much potential for a libertarian candidate to run on issues like net surveillance, breaking up the "too big to fail banks" and reforming U.S.foreign policy. But, we get turds in suits like Ryan. The system can no longer produce decent leadership from any party, faction or ideological type.    
Tom Lander
Paul Ryan jerks off to nude pictures of that dumb cunt Ayn Rand.
Paul Ryan is a Psychopath, just like Mitt Romney and 75% of all Conservatives.
Ganta Igarashi
Orcen222 O_O
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