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Published on Oct 5, 2011

Let hot guys show you how to give your breasts some TLC to stay on top of breast health.

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Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder -- an app that gives you regular reminders to give your breasts some TLC from a hot guy of your choice.

Recent studies show that many young women aren't checking their breasts regularly... Studies also show that women are 88% more likely to watch a video if it features a really hot guy.

Want to see the Extended Dance Cut? http://youtu.be/oSCjLOuRh2Q

Check out the Hottest App Update Ever! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3omQdV...

Comments • 3,127

Looking forward for the testicular or prostate cancer advise from this guys :)
Thurman Ulrich
Oh yeah, hot women feeling men up. Yes, please! 
Rahul Raj
omg that was a real shock at the end. when it turns out that the doctor was also very hot. :p
Cory Karp
God I hope hey come up with something as equally "interesting" for prostate cancer awareness month, assuming of course that radfems don't get it axed before it airs!
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holy mother of breast exams!! I think I might be mentally 12 or something because I couldn't stop giggling throughout. I think I'm going to rewatch this..idk a couple times to ensure I didn't miss any important point, ya know?
"Dear Lord, please let them make more commercials like this one. Amen."
Thurman Ulrich
LOL! I'll make more ads like this if you want, but I'll also make ads for men featuring hot sex women feeling men up.
As a straight man who supports feminism, I approve of this video.
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Cory Karp
+GeminiRenagade Nope, don't hate women, don't hate men, don't even hate white knights or feminists, I have a problem with the gender bias and misandry that is feminism... If you are a man, and support the misandry that is feminism, you are socially castrated, you are emasculated, simply, you are subjugated. You have serious self loathing issues based on your gender....
Thurman Ulrich
+GeminiRenagade As a straight male anti-feminist, I support this ad. The sisters need some loving from hot guys, and I'm waiting for the prostrate ad featuring hot sexy women feeling men up. :)
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Kristin Gaffney
I like that they showed hot guys, and well also, female breasts can't be shown on tv so they went for the next best option haha
That objectifying men is perfectly acceptable.
J.C. Hennessey
+Kristin Gaffney Finally! Someone else gets it!
Гергин Борисов
Now imagine the same with women and the feminist outrage...
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Lilly Sackson
+Thurman Ulrich You've never once met me, and yet you've managed to impose the sexist archetype of the "nagging wife" onto me, claiming that I "constantly complain" while insinuating that I'm somehow trying to dictate what you watch when you're lonely. Lol. Also, what hypocrisy? Objectification is objectification, and it's wrong on any register(though, obviously, more problematic for women as we've been sexually exploited and discriminated against for centuries), I was merely pointing out that the OP's comment was asinine. I am obviously not telling you what you should and should not watch. I am not your mother, and don't care what you seek out on your own time. I just believe in the radical idea that we should start displaying women as people more often on TV because--if you haven't noticed--women are internalizing it and it's causing an epidemic of self-loathing and giving men the impression that we're objects. Please drop the MRA attitude.
Thurman Ulrich
+CatTheLegendary What a convincing argument!
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All these men throwing temper tantrums lol, fucking hilarious. Check your privilege at the door, thanks. 
Thurman Ulrich
Lol! Is that the best you can come up with "Check your privilege at the door"? Apparently you checked your brain at the door as well. Aren't you the same person that threw a temper tantrum on that video about 'Awkward interviews with cosplay girls'? LMFAO. 
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