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Disclosure: Extra-Terrestrial Technology. 100% proof we have always been here.





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Published on Jun 25, 2013

Quantum Computing AKA The Sacred Order of the Oracle of Ifa: The Sacred Order of the Oracle of Ifa AKA Quantum Computing: AKA Astral Star Gate - Wormhole:

For a complete breakdown and clear understanding of the following lecture please begin with part 1 of the following lecture on Dangers of Molecular Nanotechnology.

Adapting to changes in an environment evolves genes by activating the messenger mRNA proteins to make RNA proteins that signal to the DNA what genes to express. If this new environment is an artificial subatomic particle accelerator field the genes will adapt at an accelerated rate.

DNA Activation-Canadian News:

Tanslation of figures in Dendera Zodiac

Temple of Hathor Astral Star Gate

I-Ching Time Wave Zero: String History of Time

Energenetic Virtual Reality Sensory Psychology Complex. DNA Activation

Professor Eglash's Lecture on Ifa Technology 13:00

Ancient American and African Leopard Kingdoms

Montauk Project: Was based on theoretical laws and research of time-travel that never materialized into practicality. Research at Montauk was based on the straw scenario using "Lenz Law of Electricity" to travel in the opposite direction of time and called it the "Philadelphia Experiment". It was a secret study using Extra-Terrestrial technology to see if it could be used to create a wormhole for interstellar travel and travel into the past to change history. None of this ever materialized to be more than a theoretical scenario or model since they never could create an electromagnetic field's electromotive force compatible with gravity.

Just as AC is not compatible to DC. To create a field compatible with gravity would require solving Einstein's Unified Field Theory UFT which had not been solved until 2005 and my black marketed astral technology which is now known as nanotechnology. According to the book 'Montauk Project' the scientists at Montauk received the technology they were experimenting with from Sirians from the Sirius Star System. They did not receive the technology from aliens from another planet. They knew it was from African Ifa Priests who's ancestors from the Sirius Star System passed Ifa Technology down to them.

The scientists at Montauk didn't lie about using extra-terrestrial technology, however for years it was rumored that 'Bell Labs' created the "transistor" from alien technology, this was a smoke screen to cover the fact that the true Extra-Terrestrial Technology was the Microchip used to create VLSI Very Large Scale Integration.

Taken from wikipedia: Further development, driven by the same economic factors, led to "large-scale integration" (LSI) in the mid-1970s, with tens of thousands of transistors per chip. Integrated circuits such as 1K-bit RAMs, calculator chips, and the first microprocessors, that began to be manufactured in moderate quantities in the early 1970s, had under 4000 transistors. True LSI circuits, approaching 10,000 transistors, began to be produced around 1974, for computer main memories and second-generation microprocessors.

VLSI - Very-large-scale integration

The final step in the development process, starting in the 1980s and continuing through the present, was "very large-scale integration" (VLSI). The development started with hundreds of thousands of transistors in the early 1980s, and continues beyond several billion transistors as of 2009.

The true story of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Real UFO's

Contact: Binary Language Signals

-15 String Theory's Wormhole Platform Begins

-18 Astralphysics: Zero Time Space/Space = Energy

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Time Travel


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