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Uploaded on Aug 5, 2009

A contrast to Pokémon Battle Revolution, Super Smash Bros. Brawl contains fewer serious players in the late night than in the day. I see a lot of taunt parties, for instance, and people trying to start them up. Here are a few matches I found myself in last night...where I found interesting variations on the people who decide to pick on others.

Match #1
Mario Circuit
This was a taunt party, and an unusual one int hat the players continue to taunt and stand still and whatnot even after they get attacked. What this means is that Link attempts to use this to opporunistically score victories by waiting for a moment where one of the Snakes (or myself) is located near a boundary, then try to knock them off. Not repeatedly, like what I see most party crashers do, but just working slowly under the belief that they won't get punished or blocked from it. So I decided, since the randomizer chose Yoshi, to repeatedly trap him in eggs. I think Link wisened up form this and tried to avoid me. I couldn't get an Egg in for a while, but I did get him at the end one more time.

Match #2
This is a different room this time, and you'll see here that Snake is one of those away-from-system players. And as usual, we have at least one player who wants to mercilessly go after him, Toon Link this time. What kind of Hero of Wind is he, that he beats up a defenseless adversary instead of waiting for him to deliver a proper battle? (For some reason, what came to mind for someone who'd do such a thing is Izuna. Like Toon Link, she's cheery and cute. Unlike Toon Link, her games are all about this sort of backstabbing and cheap shots.) The Marth player seems to have roughly the same idea as I do, to defend Snake against Toon Link. Except...not really, it seems. A spectacular Final Smash allowed me to inflict justice on them both. In the end, Toon Link was ranked equally with Snake. How's that?

Match #3
Yoshi's Island
Eventually, they both left. So, what happens now? We have two people roughly between that Link player in the first match, who wanted to win but didn't take the battle seriously; and Toon Link, who seized the opportunity to score KOs on players who are away doing something else. What does that mean? Well, it means that Falco and Luigi here decide to treat Snake as Sandbag, practicing their attacks on him like as if it was the Online Practice Stage. Boy, is Snake going to be mad when he regains consciousness (in other words, when the player returns). I use this match to observe what to do, then make my move in the next one...

Match #4
Castle Siege
The problem with Ganondorf is that he moves very stiffly and slowly. Of course, you'd walk like Ganondorf too if you had a sword jammed up your butt. (Look where he puts it in the practice stage.) I accidentally KOed Snake once, but it looks like I managed to nab the victory from these guys. It was very difficult. Luigi and Falco always stay very close to Snake, so it's hard to KO these guys without taking out Snake in the process. The Falco player seemed to have caught on to what I was doing and decided to go after me this time to delay me so Luigi can continue KOing Snake. This is the worst kind of bad sportsmanship...where someone assists someone else acting bad. Notice that no KOs or Falls happened between Luigi and Falco--they were clearly working together to stop me.


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