Cramer Chronicles: Mass Confusion, Part 1





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Published on Jun 23, 2012

Adriana and Rex both awaken after having nightmares. In her dream, Adriana admires her new engagement ring, only to have Dorian appear out of nowhere to criticize it and everything about Rex, including the fact that he deserted Gigi and her son. Rex dreams about Charlie being his dad. He decides to tell Adriana of the possibility and she thinks that Charlie must know, since he saved Rex's life. Rex isn't sure but explains that Roxy doesn't want anyone to know and he himself is not sure that it's true. They come up with various reasons as to why Roxy wants it secret. Rex promises to never have any secrets from Adriana. She thinks Rex should take a chance and speak to Charlie because the man might be happy about it.

The Cramers discuss the wedding though Blair figures that Adriana and Rex will probably spend their honeymoon in prison. She wants no part of planning her cousin's wedding. Dorian assures her that her daughter will not go to prison. Langston and Cole get together again to discuss Starr's surprise party before they head out to their group therapy meeting. Their plan is to ask Dorian for help, but she seems too stressed out over Charlie moving in with Viki and the discussion of Adriana's wedding. Addie, for one, is happy for Viki, and accuses Dorian of being a Viki wannabe. She states that in the past, Dorian took Viki's name, took a similar career path, and named her house just like Viki did, among other things. She thinks that Viki should have her happiness and Dorian needs to find her own. Blair overhears Cole and Langston whispering and demands to know if they're sneaking around. They disclose the reason and she offers to help them with the party and to keep their secret.

At the diner, Starr spots Markko when she's there to pick up some goodies for breakfast. She wonders if he hasn't noticed Langston and Cole hanging out too much together and lying about it. He claims he hasn't noticed anything different and is quick to make it known that he trusts them. He thinks they understand and share the death of their parents with each other. Nash is happy to spot Jared and after they trade insults, he makes it clear that he wants their war to end immediately. He reminds Jared that his war is with Tess, not Jess, and all of it is affecting the entire family. Jared seems not to care, citing the fact that his two years in prison don't equal Jess's two nights in St. Ann's. When Nat is specifically named as one of the suffering family members, though, Jared is quick to agree to the cease-fire. He informs Nash that in order to make things even, he will throw in one percent of his vineyard stock.

When Nat gets to St. Ann's to take Jess home, she hears that her sister has been hanging around with Allison Perkins. She thinks that Jess has really lost it, even if it's true that Allison really does have secrets. Jess is sure that something is going on that will hurt the entire family, and she asks Nat to help her break Allison out of the facility. She's swiped a key.

Charlie has breakfast all ready for Viki. She's worried about how he's reacted to her real life, but he informs her that what counts is how she makes him feel and who she is. She wants the true story on Dorian and why he was staying with her. She asks why he's in Llanviddew and if he's located his son. Charlie explains that he met Dorian in Paris, Texas, and learned of another son living in Llanview only the day before. He doesn't want to lose Viki, though. She offers to help him and wants to meet his son, but is shocked to learn that it's Rex. She tells him that Rex is practically a member of her own family. He recounts the story that Roxy invented. She wonders if Charlie remembers seeing Nat when she was small, but he points out that he was only in Roxy's home the one time. Viki reveals that Rex is a private eye and she almost hired him to help her find Charlie. In regards to his other son, Charlie insists that he's not in Llanview and there's no chance of a relationship with him. He's not proud of his one night with Roxy, but thinks he should talk to Rex. He lies that the one-night stand is the reason he thought he would lose Viki.

Starr arrives home. Cole tells her he was waiting around to surprise her but that he and Langston have to leave for their therapy. Blair promises her daughter that she's sure nothing is going on between her friends.

Charlie shows up at Rex's place and tells him they need to talk.

Viki is surprised when Dorian shows up at Llanfair. (Soap Central summary) 1 of 3


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