Up Above Ep 18





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Published on Mar 5, 2012

Nick: Latin, spanish, italian, portuguese, greek, german, french, & more & of course english & others.

Joe: *Gapes @ him* Whoa!

N: *Blushes shyly* So...

J: *Stops him before he change the subject* So you can speak like a lot of languages? Man, I thought knowing 1 language was tough. Is that a requirement of your school or something? Or did you learn them all just for fun?

N: Yep, I know it is kind of a lot for sure. Well once you take the time to get a hand of each language, it comes pretty easy, just gotta keep on practicing. And a little bit of both you could say.

J: *Smiles nodding understanding* Well baby, its official.

N: What is?

J: That you continue to impress me, I love it.

N: *Laughs not believing his words* Really?

J: *Tips his chin to stare into his eyes* Absitively posolutely!

N: *Shakes head smiling* You made that up didn't you?

J: *Grins* Actually its not mine, but seriously its catchy isn't it?

N: Yes. *Agrees giggling walking on forward looking @ each tank's inhabitants saying hello to each 1 softly*

Joe: *If anything each step Nick made, every sound from his voice ... my God, my heart clenched in response. Everything Nick is ... is just so beautiful. Even as he informed me about each species, I was amazed & captivated. As he spoke he just drew me in. I mean if any1 else was telling me the same info he was, I probably would've tuned out & been bored, but with Nick there was no way I could ever be bored. If anything Nick made everything, even the littlest of things remarkable. I don't know how he did it, but I knew for certain that I wanted him by my side. Back earlier when I'd told him my feelings for him, I didn't only just want to say "I like you Nick." I would've told him I was deeply in love with him for the 1st moment. My heart wanted to say it, but my my mind said differently. Above all I didn't want to lay it all on the line just in case he didn't feel the same, but then @ the same time I also didn't want him to say no. It dawned on me that I never really considered if Nick would actually say no & not like me back. What would I have done then?*

Joe: *As I pondered that for a few minutes while Nick went to use the restroom & get some water. I decided then that he didn't like me back, I would've done everything I could to try & change his mind because simply I couldn't be without Nick, I just couldn't. The connection, the pull, he just moves me. I don't ever want to be without him*

Nick: *Returns back then tapping his shoulder* Hey.

Joe: *Turns around grinning big* Welcome back baby, missed ya. *Touches his cheek*

Nick: *Smiles* I was only gone for a few min's, but I missed you too.

Joe: *Continues* Wanna go this way next? *Gestures to the left*

Nick: Sure. *Follows him looking around seeing what the next section was exactly. I soon found my answer. The tanks were much larger & many had crowded around it gazing @ the creatures swimming around inside. I knew without looking what inside a: shortfin mako shark* Isurus oxyrinchus. *I mused aloud*

Joe: *Looks from the tank to him* What does that translate to?

Nick: *Doesn't look @ him* It means "sharp nose." *Suddenly 1 shark in particular stopped swimming & came closer to the glass staring directly @ me*

Joe: *@ this the people gasped moving back in shock, including me. Only Nick stayed still & didn't look fazed. As I looked back & forth between the predator & him. If I didn't know better I'd say that the mako was creepily stalking after Nick*

Mako: *Speaks in Portuguese knowing that only he will be able to hear & understand me. Príncipe Nicolau [Prince Nicholas]*

Nick: *Boa tarde senhor. [Good afternoon sir]*

Mako: *Speaks english then. What are you doing here your highness & on land?*

Nick: *Smiles guiltily. I am sightseeing*

Mako: *Shakes nose. A prince doesn't belong on land more or less with humans. If your father knew he'd nearly create a tsunami*

Nick: *Please senhor, I just want to see what its like up here, what its like to walk amongst them*

Mako: *That isn't wise my Nicholas. They can be cruel & unkind. They don't have compassion always*

Nick: *You sound like my father, please I don't need to be warned. I'm well aware of the risks & again this is my decision. I appreciate you're concern but I'll be fine*

Mako: *Narrows eyes. Very well as you wish, but don't say I didn't warn you young prince. Obviously you've got a lot to learn in your discovery of humans, you should never trust 1. But ... it seems you already have. That human there next to you is accompanying you isn't he*

Nick: *Nods. He is*

Mako: *Chuckles. I'd take care Nicholas, he's a typical male rockstar who think the world revolves around him. He'll break your heart, better not to fall for him. The crush you have on him now, isn't good*

Nick: *Gasps. He's not like that @ all, he's different. And how do you know how I feel about him?*


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