Into Your Arms: {Part Seven; Say What?}





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Uploaded on Jan 17, 2012

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- - - -

February 5th, 2010

"So, I was thinking we should go to the mall and see what dresses we like for Formal. Just to make sure they'll be there when we actually have money." Demi laughs.

"Uh, I went and got my dress yesterday with Nick and my mom. You seemed like you were in a bad mood, so I didn't want to call and see if you wanted to go." Miley says quietly. "I can come with you today after school, but Nick . . ."

"It's okay." Demi interrupts coolly. "I was actually going to meet up with a friend and go." The bell rings and Demi sighs in relief on the inside. "I can't be late to Art again." She gives Miley a quick hug and takes off.

Miley feels the weird funk between her and Demi, but tries to brush it off. It's nothing, she tells herself. Demi isn't mad and if she is, she would say something. She stands there with the juice box in her hands until she realizes she's about to be late for chemistry. Then, it hits her that she's going to have to face Joe.

She powerwalks the rest of the way across campus, annoyed that her new black boots are covered in wet grass and mud. She sits at her desk, sets her juice box at the corner of it, and takes out her notebook. She feels Joe's eyes on her, but pretends to organize her homework from the night before.

The entire class period is awkward. She turns around most of the time to talk to Emily, a girl that is also in her piano class to avoid talking to Joe. At the same time, Joe hasn't said a word or even brought Formal up. The last five minutes are torture as she watches the clock tick down until the bell rings.

"Hey, Miley . . ." Joe speaks up at the last minute.

"You guys are free to go." The teacher announces and Miley springs up to her feet.

"I can't talk right now, I have to go see my AP Calculus teacher about a make-up test." She fake apologizes and leaves the classroom. "Ah, I need to find Demi ASAP." She says to herself and bumps into Nick.

"Hey, I was just about to call you." Nick smiles and looks at Miley's face. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing." Miley forces a smile, but glances back to see if Joe is walking behind her and to her luck, he is. "Walk with me." She quickly shoves her hand into Nick and pulls him into a different direction.

Joe stops and talks to a few of his friends, but finds his eyes following Miley. He sees that she's holding another guy's hand and knows why she left in such a hurry. He turns away, trying to focus on what his friend is telling him. Formal tickets are going up next week, which means he needs to ask someone soon. He's thinking about bailing everything. It is just his junior year, it isn't such a big deal anyways.

"Hey, have you seen Miley?"

Joe turns around and looks down at Demi. "She just walked by with this guy." He says. "Why?"

"Hide me, you're tall." She grabs Joe's arms and forces him to move in front of her.

"Don't worry, if you're with me, she won't be anywhere near here." Joe laughs sarcastically.

Wow, Miley's actually avoiding him, so he won't ask her to Formal. Demi rolls her eyes, but remembers that Joe is looking at her. "Hey, about that rain check thing. You're off the hook."

Joe raises an eyebrow and gives her a look. "What's the catch?"

Demi fake gasps. "Why does there need to be a catch, Joe?" She asks with a smile.

"Because you're a girl and girls never let guys off that easily." Joe answers matter-of-factly.

Demi shrugs. "Come dress shopping with me." She says.

Joe's caught off by what she says. "Sure?"

"As a friend." Demi reassures him. "You're probably planning to ask someone out anyways. You'll just be my friend that tells me I look good in everything I try on." She punches his arm and smiles. "So, are you in?"

"What choice do I even have?" Joe asks and laughs.

to be continued . . .


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