My Boyfriend Tried To Kidnap Me!





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Published on Jun 4, 2019



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Hi, my name is Lucy and I had a crazy first relationship with a guy. It was very romantic until he basically tried to kidnap me.

His name was Adam, and we first met when he just came up to me and asked me out. Just like that! He looked so cool and confident, and I was surprised at how every other guy wasn’t nearly as brave as he was. He was different and mysterious.

He didn’t like to talk about his family or life, and it was clear that it was kinda difficult. Instead of taking me out to cafes and restaurants, he would manage to get us into concerts with his older friends. And he wasn’t afraid of anything - once we snuck onto someone’s private property because there wasn’t a lot of light and he wanted to show me the stars. This was the place where he first kissed me.

And we wouldn’t just talk about normal stuff, instead, our conversations were deeper than that, like about the meaning of life. Adam really wanted life to be something more than school, university, and then a job. He wanted it to be a big adventure. And I felt like I agreed with him completely. If someone said something to Adam about his looks or attitude, he wouldn’t care.

One day, he was taking me back home and it was pretty late. My Father noticed and came outside to ask who Adam was. He said to me that it wasn’t okay to be arriving back home so late and Adam told him that I could do whatever I wanted with my life. Dad looked at him suspiciously and we went inside. He said that he didn't want me to see Adam anymore because he was a bad influence.

I really wanted to prove that Adam was just misunderstood, so I planned a dinner with him and my parents. They dressed up nicely and Adam showed up in a leather jacket with a lot of pins on it, like anarchy symbols and stuff like that.

My parents kept asking him questions like what he wanted to do with his life after school and Adam kept brushing them off, talking about how he just wants to be free. Dad got angry and was saying that Adam should at least have some kind of plan and Adam argued back. We hadn't even started eating by this point when Adam stood up and said, “I’m out of here” and left. I was just sitting there, shocked by what had just happened.

My parents forbid me to see him anymore, and I was asking them to give him a second chance, but they kept saying no. When Adam found out, he was furious, so he asked me if I wanted to run away with him. I was scared of that, but he kept saying how this kind of life wasn’t for us. He wanted adventure.

So one day he just showed up with a car and texted me that this was my last chance - I could either go with him or he would leave alone, although he didn’t want to. So I packed my bag really fast and quietly left my house.

His car was nice, too nice for him to have it, I even thought for a second that he had stolen it. Soon, he started driving and my heart was pumping because this was the craziest thing I had ever done in my life!

Adam kept calming me down, saying how this would be the life we had both dreamed of, and how everybody secretly wanted it but was too afraid to actually do it. Once we were outside of the city, my Dad started to call me. I was hesitant about answering and Adam gave me a judgmental look so I decided to ignore the call... and the second one. And the third one. By this point I was hesitant about running away. We didn’t even have a plan, we were just winging it.

I got very anxious and said, “Let’s go back.” Adam didn’t say anything and kept driving. I started to call my father and Adam raised his voice and said that I shouldn’t do that. I continued and he suddenly tried to take it away from me with his one free hand. Right at the moment that he did that, his car jerked to the left, into the oncoming lane, and I started shouting, “What are you doing!?”

Adam kept trying to take my phone away, and the whole time the car was moving chaotically from one side to the other, and I was afraid of what could happen, and of Adam. I shouted, “Please stop, you’re scaring me!” By this time my Dad was already on the phone and I was hearing him asking me loudly, “What is happening!?”

By this point, Adam had finally gotten my phone away from me and he hung up on my Dad. He opened the window and threw my phone out. It was then that I realized that Adam was crazy and dangerous. I shouted, “Stop the car!” and he suddenly got very calm and said, “Listen, I love you, and because of that, I’m trying to do what’s best for you!”

I got dizzy from fear, like I literally couldn’t see straight and I could hardly breathe. Adam then took my hand into his, but I didn’t find this comforting at all...

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