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Am 17.02.2007 veröffentlicht

Now, I know that my scores will get owned, and I'm pretty sure that some of you are going to post things like, " I scored 200,000," or "I got 100 kills in a row". You're humans and I know you can't help it, so go ahead and knock yourselves out. ^_^

I'm FAR from being the best at this. But that's not my goal. I'm doing this because I was asked and some people said that getting the handcannon was hard....which it isn't. So this is just the basic things you need to do. This is for people who are having trouble getting 60,000. For those of you who already have the handcannon and can score 150,000 and 200,000..this doesn't apply to you.

You need to score 60,000 in all stages with all characters to get the Handcannon, and I haven't unlocked it yet in my PS2 version, so I'm not going try to get uber scores...especially since, one mistake, and it's off with the head!! 60,000 will do. After you unlock the handcannon....THEN you worry about scoring 200,000 ^_^. I scored 100,000 with Ada and Wesker in the castle because it's so easy...( which is why 80% of the MERC videos here come from the castle....-_-) I can very well score 150,000+ with Hunk, Ada, and Wesker...but it's not needed.

The Hardest one is probaly the 3rd stage. The Gatling Gunners are not a joke. Fortunity, they are worth 10,000 a peice..so killing them is a must. You won't have time to get many kill s in a row because the time things are only 30 seconds there.

Yes, that Chainsaw freak in the 4th stage is a pain too, but he comes after you while the Gunner will shoot you from afar. Still, one mistake, and the head comes off!

Leon and Ada should all be familiar by now. Leon has to reply soley on the shotgun. Ada is pretty loaded..TMP and the Sniper. but remember that she can't take a hit Her speed ans sexy looks make up for it though. Krasuer basically has infinite ammo and his arm is cheap. He also have full life guage, and he's fast. It's impossible to not be able to score 60,000 with him. Hunk may seem like he sucks, but he's actually very good. Just don't recklessly waste your ammo, and save the Grenades for the mini bosses. You DON'T want to fight the Garrodos with Hunk. The TMP just doesn't pack enough, and I don't recommened wasting your grenades on them. I DID kill one of them though. And Wesker.....well, let's just say, he's learned his lesson from RE Code Veronica X, and he's not using the Knife anymore! ^_^

The first Stage can be pretty hard because of the Chainsaw Grandmas. Fighting 2 of them is no prob, but fighting 4 of them can be tricky..especially in the PS2 version because that special sound that lets you know they are close is only in the Gamecube version.

The castle is ridiculously the eaisest stage..especially since you don't even have to figh the Garrodors. The ganaodos there keep coming and you can kill many of them in a row.

The Military Base place is the hardest for me because of the time, but the gunners are worth 10,000, so kill a few of them and you'll be in there.

The last stage is my favorite one for an obvious reason. Anybody who has seen my Myspace account or has met me at an Anime con should know what that reason is. Sometimes I Even toy around with those freaks! But it's not hard as long as you use your Best weapons and keep your distance. Leon and and Hunk have the hardest time killing the brutes..and should use the environment for backup. Ada Wesker, and of course...Krauser can all handle them with ease.

I did all 4 of them for Leon in one movie but seeing as how some of you may only need to see a certain one, the others will be divided into 2 parts. Plus it makes the Quality better. I know you guys want a good looka at Ada. ^_^

I just broke my PS2, but I had already recorded all of the mercenaries movies, so they'll still be up.

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