How To Do Screamo, Inhale Growl And Corey Taylor Growl!





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Published on Feb 6, 2010

Me trying to teach out some of my experiences of different growl and screamo techniques. I apologize for my bad English but I hope you guys still can understand my weird explanations and expressions;)


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Sara Maloney
I'm not trying to be mean because its cute when your using your hands describing things just looks wrong and some parts sound like sex sounds lol but you were helpful
Mrrildom Kush
Too much talking.;)
SC Prepper
My throat feels fucked up
drink a couple pints of water, hen rest your voice for a few minutes. That should do it
Galloway Paranormal
Inhale death growling doesn't fuck your voice up of you do it right.
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Bruce Wayne
Is inhale scream and fry scream are just the same?
Galloway Paranormal
Oh ok i feel ya
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Nova Drums
I've got a good inhale, but i don't know how to do the " normal " growl :(
Burning Innocence
if you need help message me, I can help you get false chord and maybe some fry
victor luque
you look like a horny version of cody simpson 5:05
Steven Bice
Bruh, inhales fuck your voice up. Anybody who is even thinking about doing what he's teaching you, DONT! You're gonna ruin your voice, and never be able to talk, let alone scream, the same way you used to. 
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Mr. Fin
dude exhale fucks your voice to its all the same do what you like
Flying Eagle
+Guilherme Franco That is the most fucking retarded, brain dead, dumb fuck thing I have ever heard about extreme vocals. You are trying to say that +steven bice is wrong, "because when you breathe you inhale and then exhale, i don't know if you know that, but thats what happens. maybe you never noticed, its ok i don't blame you.". Because he said inhale screams can ruin your voice. Are you really that much of a fucktard? By your logic, any form screaming, whether it be inhale, exhale, exhale fry, exhale false cord (all with incorrect technique) do not damage your vocal cords, because it's exhaling like when you breathe. Just the same is if you were to say that if you sing with the wrong technique, you won't damage your voice in the long run, because it's exhaling and inhaling air. News flash, it does! Are you really that fucking brain dead? I don't know if you know (clearly you don't), but things like inhale screams as well as exhale screams (incorrect technique screams specifically) force a lot of air through the vocal cords, and cause too much tensions in the throat and too much tension and stress on the vocal cords themselves. What you have just said is so fucking dumb as shit, it equates to saying that if you try to slit your throat with a butter knife, nothing happens, therefore trying to slit your throat with a some sort of sharp kitchen knife, used for cutting things won't slit your throat either. The comparison/contrast of this analogy is that the difference in sharpness of the knives represents the difference in force, tension and air flow of the vocal cords. I decided to make it easy for you and explain it all like I am talking to a primary school kid. Fucking hell you're a fuck wit.
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No offence but he sounds shit :/
Holy Devil
Inhaling must not be hurried. Take time.
Virgilio Pineda
If you're teenager it must be difficult for you to learn this.. just wait patiently 'till your voice sounds a little bit thick... But I just learn how to growl and scream like corey but not that expert... just enjoy practicing it..
Justin Stringer
this dude is WACK!!! 
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