Death within INCHES !!!





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Published on Aug 30, 2009

Finally a "near death" video that actually lives up to it's billing.

the ultimate challenge for a graffiti artist.

That was awsome! I wouldn't do it myself, but DAMN! That's the best thing I've seen on youtube in long time!

3 engines, 110 cars, about 60 miles per hour .. .. and one and a half minutes of a ride you can't get at ANY amusement park. AWESOME!

wow Holy shit I am leaning left and did not even realise it. I've got one foot on the table and leaning left. :)

That was awsome! I wouldn't do it myself, but DAMN! That's the best thing I've seen on youtube in long time!

For ignorant pricks that think they are all that be advised the comments above were left over the years. The person on the bridge is and always has been described at the end of the video.

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Erhard Baltrusch
Erhard Baltrusch3 years agoHighlighted comment
Definitely a clip to rake up comments and "likes"...... but one of the silliest things to do. Not only did you, +Wayne Loomis , put yourself at danger (but I think you knew that from the get-go) but you also contributed to the railroads' hiking up their "security-measures" making it more and more difficult for serious railfans to take decent pictures and/or videos. <sarcasm>Thank you for that!</sarcasm> You also seem to forget that many kids are watching on YouTube and (might) think: Oh what a cool thing to do!. Hmmm, I don't think that those kids are aware of the dangers of such a behavior (despite the fact that it is against the law, but you knew that, too). And lastly, let's not forget about the train's engineer who will most probably get traumatized for life when he notices that his train just sucked up a kid or two... Let's just leave it at this: You, Sir, are not really a role model (to put it in friendly words)!
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Nice catch with all those Dash 9s, even that fakebonnet!
You sir are a fucking ass, us railfans get a bad rep because from people like you, please do not trespass again! This is not cool! Nice doing Dipshit
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lloyd craft
all it takes is a piece of metal strapping hanging of a boxcar,rip ya right open
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Coleto Creek Rail Productions
you are an idiot for doing this
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bryson heath
you are very lucky the train was just hoppers. if there was ANY other type of railroad car it would have stuck out further and you would be (rail) roadkill. great video though!
What..............I would have done this.................(8^) I would have climbed over to the other side of the railing, but I would have done this. I remember once I was walking in one of the subway tunnels either in NYC or Philly and both saw and heard a subway train coming. The tunnel had an opening every 10 feet or so because where I was the tracks were 4 tracks across (the 2 outsides were local tracks the 2 insides were express tracks). Well I got myself into one of these openings and sat down as low as I could. When the train was passing me I could feel a little static electricity in the air from the passing train, but another aspect of the train was that since I was on the floor of the tunnel (not the platform level) the train towered over me by at least 10 feet. Where I was in the system (at least 1 mile from any station) the train was moving at least 40 miles an hour and was less than 2 feet from me while I was waiting for it to pass.
Intense near death experience! Must be thrilling to be just mere inches away from 'kicking the bucket'. Even though it is illegal to be on a train bridge, I do not care. Besides, everyone has done atleast one crazy thing in their lifetime! :)
I bet that was a crazy experience. The Foamer backlash is kinda funny but it's a good thing you didn't get hurt. 
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