A Little Bit Longer (Chapter One)





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Published on Mar 5, 2012

(Chapter One)

Maya's POV After school today I hang out with my four bestfriends including Mandy tag along with is, were in my backyard in the pool playing water game and so far its us gjrls winning since its four againt two

(Bridget) come on guys dont be afarid of us girls

(Christina) yeah just because you guys think you could beat girls at everything

(Christopher) oh its on now, come on bro get into the game!

(Andrew) sorry just been out of it a little thats all

(Maya) why whats wrong?

I said swing the ball over the net and Bridget dont it for me which scared the crap out of Christopher

(Christopher) ow! You got an arm for a girl dont you

(Bridget) and dont you forget it

Both Christina and Bridget high five each other and Andrew said back at me.

(Andrew) I'll tell you about it after the game

I nodded and we continued the game, soon my brothers join to help the boys out and Frankie did the scoring and so far the score was tied.

(Maya) come on girls one more game and were in

(Mom) super ready!

Mom yelled from the back door and all of us groan.

(Maya) come on mom one more game were so close into beating the boys

(Christopher) in your dreams now that we have Kevin, Joe and Nick theirs no way the three of you could be us against us five

(Bridget) well you just see about that

(Mom) come on guys inside now you could continue after the game

(Maya) come on mommy please...

I pulled out my puppy dog face and my mom said.

(Mom) fine but one more than everyone inside

(Maya) yeah! Thanks mom

My cuteness always work on my family but I tend not to push it a little because sometimes it doesnt always work. It was now the boys turn to serve the last ball.

Andrew hit but was to distracted and the ball hit net and didnt even make it over the fence which means we won. Us girls hug each other while the boys blame the whole thing on Andrew.

(Bridget) awe... dont feel bad boys and guys after lunch its foot rubbing time

All of them groan and we just smiled. We got out of the pool and I didnt realize that someone was picking me up when drying myself off with a towel and I notice that it was Joe.

(Maya) ah! Joe put me down you know I hate being lifited

(Joe) *smirks* I know, tickle time

(Maya) oh no

I tried to got of his grip but he was to strong and started tickling me with the help of Kevin

(Maya) *laughing* g-guys s-stop!

(Joe) say it

(Maya) *laughing* never! Mommy help!

(Mom) *goes outside with their lunches* Joesph put your sister down

(Joe) *frowns* awe... but I love torturing her

(Mom) Joesph

(Joe) *sighs* fine

Joe puts me down and I stick my tongue at him and he does it back and Nick shake his head at us and said.

(Nick) you guys are so immature

(Joe) and when are you not?

(Nick) good point

We grabbed our lunches from our mom and ate outside in the backyard together just chatting about random stuff.


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