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Published on Nov 13, 2017

Sleepy debt fear and type of sleep by type

I am writing an article on a method of short sleep
Let's also write the opposite of that

If you can not get enough sleep it will trigger obesity and metabolic and increase the risk of developing cancer
It has already been epidemiologically proven
As you see popular short-sleeved books etc.
It is only written that there are no sides mentioned or it is okay based only on personal experiences

Even if you actually do it yourself
What, you are fine at all

There is a word sleep debt
A researcher at Stanford University seems to be a proponent
Even if you do not notice sleep deprivation
There is a danger of exploding on one day
It is such feeling.
Even though I think that it is a short sleep and unconcern, liabilities are accumulated in the long run

So what about this hypnotic debt
After all it seems that there is no solution to this only in the end

What is funny
The so-called sleeping reservation is also effective
It is not recommended that the rhythm of life, the rhythm of sleep break
There is no problem as long as it is an environment where lifestyle rhythms and sleeping rhythms can be destroyed

vice versa
If you are working, if you sleep on Saturdays and Sundays it means Blue Monday
But there is an effect

If you think about the above
After all I think that it depends on what kind of life you want to send sleep
So there are only two types

Mainly self-employed and freedom

It's an image of a busy time entertainer or a businessman
When young or working hard at work
Efficiently by the way of a short sleep across a nap
It is such a work
When you calm down or have time, I sleep well.

When we want to work a lot by cutting lots of voices from the surroundings and sleeping, it is 2 or 3 years
If that time comes then why should not it utilize the knowledge of short sleep
In case

If you want to keep moving on somewhat more then do you make a sleep a longer life rhythm
I will take risk and postpone the hypnotic debt later

Since you do not have to have a short sleep, you should do regular sleep
If irregular sleep is disturbed, let's adjust it on a holiday such as Saturdays and Sundays

The problem is when you are thinking of doing something else while you work or when you are forced to work long hours

At that time it will be shaped like 1
If you are holding down the tips of short sleep you can spend about 2 to 3 years without problems and then adjust with a sleeping pool
When doing something, decide the period and pack it
If it is a difficult job to find a job change in 2-3 years

And I wrote in the premise that sleeping pool is effective
It will not apply to everyone
However, I do not think there is any loss as I know the training of short sleep no matter what type
I feel like I can live a little easier if I have my own answer about sleep

Well, like this

Working BGM

BGM for sleeping

Nostalgic BGM

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