Michael Savage Tears A Liberal Professor to Pieces





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Published on Apr 28, 2010

This is one of the best calls I've ever heard from Michael Savage and The Savage Nation.

Highlight: "I nailed you to a cross, you rat bum you!!.... I pity the children who sit in your class.... LOL"


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Kenneth Pace
An ACADEMIC = a professional student...
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+John Robinson Engineering? Good for you. As for me, my mathematical aptitude ended with Algebra and college Trig, so I went with psychology. LOL
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Donavon Howard
The liberal professor got fucking owned
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K34t-N Keaton
+Rose M fuck offffffffff
Rose M
+FilthyCasualKai You're awesome
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Alexei Kornakov
I bet this professor went to a safe space after this and crawled into a fetal position and sucked his thumb. Weak Mary man.
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rab day
Alexei Kornakov lolololollol. Mr savage killed him . I don't think the pro won't be phoning in again..
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A liberal's two favorite words: I think...
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They think?!?!?! They can actually do that? I'm shocked!
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John Juhasz
"You don't face real men in your academic world". So true. Ivory tower pin head with his head in the sand. Well done, Dr. Savage.
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I love how Savage tells him "hey, you're talking to a real man!". LOL.
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Few things in life sound sweeter than Michael Savage tearing an obnoxious, arrogant liberal to pieces.  Facts are to liberals what a crucifix is to a vampire -- they're just repelled by them.
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"Facts are to liberals what a crucifix is to a vampire" you mean how crucifixes not only don't have any effect on vampires and in fact vampires use crucifixes and were christian (according to the original rules from dracula)
Or Frankenstein's monster facing fire.
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American History
Fuck liberals, scum of the USA.
Gmail User
Liberalism is - by definition - racist. Why? Because it is completely supported by the preposition that "they cannot do it without ME". It is the goof of all time! Liberalism isn't even - by definition - liberal anymore. It is "government first, and government always". It has become the new fascism, promulgated on emotional trigger issues. The moment you debate a leftist into a logical corner, they will attack you! Guaranteed! "What, you want people to starve?" Yeah, because that's the ONLY alternative to your "government sponsored" solutions to EVERYTHING. Look - the "government solution" talked everyone into a ponzy scheme called Social Security. "You pay in - it will be there for you when you reach retirement age." Then, the SAME people who invented the scheme decided "hey, there is a bunch of money sitting there - why not just SPEND it?" And they did. In spades.NOW - these SAME people will tell us "SOME people need it - some don't - so we'll ration it." NO? Wait until next year when CBO predicts that SS Disability will be bankrupt. Why? Because the SAME generation who created this debacle also RAIDED it! And you want to trust them- again? I'm sure they've done penance - learned from their errors - and really MEAN it.. this time. There is nothing dumber on the face of the planet than an emotional leftard who trusts the SAME people who just keep raping them - in the name of "progress". $20 trillion in debt. TWENTY TRILLION! When you first got that "tickle up your leg" it was $9 Trillion, which was already ridiculous! Explain this bullshit away with feelings! I dare you! You are being fist-fucked, and telling everyone else it's a "great date he really cares, as soon as he is finished with my asshole". Morons, to the individual!
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Eric Peterson
+rodney perry Looks like we're about to do some watering. I'm ready as I'm sick and tired of hearing their absolutely nonsensical bullshit. They're just completely "off the reservation".
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+ayylien 1 He will be. See, once that illegal alien graduates with a Masters in Mexican Cultural Studies, Brainwash University will be forced to recognize it as valid, and her as diverse, and this white American liberal Rat Bum doesn't fill the quota.
ayylien 1
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Labyirnth II
OH MY GOSH. This liberal is embarrassing.
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+KarlBonner1982 hey man, this is gonna sound like an insult, but its really not meant as such. Here, even on youtube look up a early 80's video of the useful idiot. Hear it from a ex KGB defector that has seen all this before. Cheers. Millennials have been getting their heads filled with marxist bullshit. You may feel like you won a battle, but we're all losing the war. This has happened before. You arent a trend setter or a freedom fighter or anything like that. Call yourself whatever you want, i dont care. Communist have a word for it though. Its called the useful idiot, and this is exactly how tyrannical governments come into power. True story
+opium blacklotus the fascist left likes to throw these labels on people that dont agree with their doctrine. They do it to dehumanize their opponent. It doesnt matter what facts you present because you are just a bad person if you dont subscribe by default. Look at how quick they turned on caitlyn jenner as soon as he said he was voting for cruz. A man wins woman of the year, has done more for ltgb community than anyone in history and they turn like jackyls. To call them liberal is actually absurd and a insult to even liberals.
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