Chemistry Music Video 24: For Those About To Dissolve We Solute You





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Uploaded on Aug 30, 2009

This song explains "like dissolves like", solubility, saturated, unsaturated and supersaturated solutions, how to use a solubility curve graph and how the freezing and boiling point of a solution is dependent on concentration. All music and lyrics copyright 2009 by Mark Rosengarten. All rights reserved.


A salt dissolved in water in a beaker today
The ions broke apart in the usual way
The molecules of water kept the ions apart
A salt solution formed, but thats only the start!

Homogenous! The same throughout! Homogenous! The same throughout!

Solvents that are polar can dissolve solutes
That are polar or ionic, that is really cute
Water and nonpolar solutes just wont mix
But a nonpolar solvent like benzene can fix!

Like dissolves like! Polar and polar!
Like dissolves like! Nonpolar and nonpolar!

When all the solvent molecules used up
And are stuck to the solute ions in your cup
Solutions saturated, it is full for sure
Solubilitys been reached for that temperature

Saturation! On the line! Saturation! On the line!

If theres still some water molecules unstuck
Then more solute can dissolve, HEY! Youre in luck!
Solution is unsaturated, cant you see
You havent yet reached the solubility

Unsaturated! Put more in! Unsaturated! Put more in!

If you put more solute in than can be dissolved
Then a supersaturation situations evolved!
The excess falls out as a precipitate
Or the solute is unstable, sodium acetate!

Supersaturation! Precipitate! Supersaturation! Precipitate!

A salt dissolved in water in a beaker today
The ions broke apart in the usual way
They made it harder for the water to boil or freeze
So the phase change temperatures changed a few degrees!

Colligative properties! Depend on concentration! Colligative properties! Depend on concentration!

Electrolytes have a greater effect on the melting and boiling point of the solution than nonelectrolytes.

More solute thats dissolved, got more effect
The solutions boiling point increases direct
The freezing point decreases, which is really nice
In the winter salt on roads can prevent the ice!

Add a solute! Boiling point goes up!
Add a solute! Freezing point goes down!

That is wicked coolSOLUTIONS RULE!


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