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Researchers have revealed the magical properties of the pyramids .





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Published on Sep 5, 2019

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It is known that the pyramids are not just included in the famous list of the seven wonders of the world, but also open this list. Today they are found not only in Egypt and Central America, but also around the world, including in Russia. Looking at these majestic buildings, one can not help wondering a whole bunch of questions: who in ancient times was able to erect such a giant structure? And most importantly-why? These are not palaces, not dwellings, not even Pharaoh's tombs, as many mistakenly believe. After all, none of them have not found the tomb of the pharaohs, researchers were able to find only empty sarcophagi. These graves are located on the West coast of the Nile in the Valley of the Kings, not far from the ancient city of Thebes, there, in a rocky necropolis at a height of thirty meters, 64 tombs of the great pharaohs of Egypt are hidden.

But then what were the pyramids built for?
In the next 10 minutes we will try to find the answer to this mysterious Question and tell some amazing facts about these structures. After all, the construction of such huge buildings is troublesome and, of course, not cheap, and therefore deeply meaningful and subject to certain goals.

One of the answers to our questions was an incident that occurred in the 30s of the last century. French researcher Antoine bovi drew attention to the fact that inside the pyramid in the garbage cans is a number of dead small animals. It turned out that they were all mummified. But how did it happen? And it occurred to Bowie that the shape of the pyramid itself, and the way it was placed on the ground, might have a similar effect.

The scientist created a reduced model of the pyramid, oriented it to the sides of the horizon (similar to large pyramids) and began an experiment with mummification. And he did! It also turned out that inside this layout is much longer than usual stored perishable products.
From this moment begins a real scientific boom. Researchers are experimenting with pyramids and discovering more and more unique properties.

So, scientists Of the Institute of water and soil science of Arizona found that water, visited the pyramidal structure, can be used to treat a number of diseases, it was confirmed by doctors. Czech engineer Karel Drbal examines the energy potential inside the pyramids, it turned out that it can both accelerate and slow down important life processes. He also found another interesting feature: inside the pyramids spontaneously sharpened blades, their sharpness increases at times! For this study, Karel received a scientific patent, the results of his experiments have repeatedly confirmed other scientists.

The impact of pyramidal structures on the human body occupied many minds. Rapid healing of wounds, analgesic effect, accelerated healing of fractures-this is just the initial list of properties that interested scientists from different countries.

Similar studies have also been conducted in Russia. Probably sooner than anywhere else. So, in the estate of the famous architect of Lviv, storage pyramids were built, so their owner knew their properties. We will return to the pyramids of Lviv, but for now we will get acquainted with what was discovered by domestic scientists.

And discovered was a long. So in the all-Russian electrotechnical Institute. V. I. Lenin conducted studies of the electric field. It turned out that the circuit, built from pieces of granite, visited the pyramid, has powerful protective properties against electric shock – 5 times higher than the control samples.
Or another example: a complex of pyramids was installed at the Ishimbay oil field in Bashkiria.

A week after their installation, the situation in the strata changed. The viscosity of oil decreased, the amount of resins, paraffin and other components changed. The results of the experiments were confirmed by scientists of the Moscow Academy of oil and gas. Gubkin.

Or here is another interesting fact: the Antiviral activity of immunoglobulin, processed inside the pyramidal form, increased by 100 times (!) This discovery was made in the research Institute of Virology of Ivanovo RAMS. Further studies have shown that the impact within the pyramid is far heterogeneous:

Scientists from St. Petersburg (research laboratory "RADIANT") for the first time in the world proved that in the body of the pyramid there are several zones with different properties.

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