Pokemon Snakewood Nuzlocke Challenge Pt 11: ORANGEADE!!





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Published on Feb 8, 2012

ACupofBritish/ThePRWeekly's episode:

MCFGaming's episode 10:

Welcome back to Snakewood! In this episode we finish the boardroom and do a task for Gleis!

Download Link(you have to sign up for PokeCommunity):

Episodes will be up Wednesday and Friday so be sure to check BOTH our channels.

Welcome everyone to my Pokemon Snakewood Nuzlocke Challenge where we will BEAT MegaCharizardFan by getting further than him without dying! Are you on Team Tyranee or Team MCF? VOTE in my channel poll! Show some support...for me ;)

The following are the rules for this nuzlocke:

Make separate boxes for DEAD, OVERSTOCK, HM, and ZOMBIE.

General rules:
- You have to catch 1 Pokemon per route
- Pokemon can only die through trainer battles not wild encounters (it is assumed if a Pokemon faints during a wild encounter you escape and run to the nearest healing spot)
- If the Pokemon that comes up in a route is one you already have you can catch something else.
- If you catch over 6 Pokemon, the other Pokemon you catch go in an "overstock" bin where you can replace one of your dead Pokemon with one of them.
- You can switch a living party member with something in the overstock bin any time you want providing you already have 6 Pokemon in your party.
- Revives are saving graces for dead Pokemon.
- You can only use a revive you find on the ground NOT store bought revives.
- You cannot catch duplicates of any Pokemon
- Medical spots can be used as many times as you want.
- When your entire party is dead and you have no Pokemon left in the overstock bin, you lose.
- Pokeballs can be bought unlimitedly
- If you buy healing potions (not status healing, but health healing) you cannot buy more for 3 episodes.
- You can buy unlimited status healing potions (antidotes, paralyze heal, etc).
- You can only use Full Restores found on the ground.
- You can choose to skip a route and not catch any Pokemon there but it is up to you to remember which route it was if you come back to it later.
- Self Sacrificing moves (self-destruct, destiny bond, etc) don't count as deaths. This is only so if one picks Koffing as a starter, they will still have full access to its movepool.
- Grinding is allowed.
- You can use 6 rare candies per gym section, ARing these is allowed. This is only so we don't have to waste time doing a ton of grinding in a game where there aren't many good grinding spots.
- Nobody can die before you get to the woods after Petalburg City. After that everything is fair game.
- The battle against Watson (the first time you face him) doesn't count as death because you are meant to lose there.


- If your Pokemon is killed in a battle with a zombie, they become zombified.
- A zombified Pokemon is "undead" meaning they can only be used in 3 more battles (this includes wild encounters) before they turn into ash (meaning obviously they're dead now).
- If all you have left is a zombified Pokemon and you catch another Pokemon (within the rules) while your zombie is still alive you don't lose and your zombified Pokemon comes back to life.
- The above rule only works if you have ONE Pokemon left and they are zombified.
- To identify which Pokemon are zombies, designate a specific item to make them hold. You can Action replay in this item if you want.
HM Slaves:
- You can designate certain Pokemon as "HM slave" which can't die but also can NEVER be switched in to battle.
- If your entire party dies except your HM slave you lose.
- HM slaves (obviously) have to be used specifically for an HM move.
- You can only designate one HM slave per HM move.
- An HM slave is allowed to learn multiple HM moves.

Pokemon Snakewood is a hack of Pokemon Ruby made by The Cutlerine. It takes place 2 or 3 years after the original Ruby and in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.



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