TF2 Triad Pack Update [Commentary] All Weapons Demonstrated





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Published on Aug 2, 2012


Brief explanation and demonstration of each new Triad Pack weapon! There are certainly more subtle things worth mentioning about each, however. For example: Pyro melee works on players who are effected by Mad Milk or Jarate.
More in depth later, and certainly more from The Guillotine!

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KN+Garm3n; outdated

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This was the beginning of the species we know today as the pyro-sharks
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i think the pyro shark actually started way after this update
When i see a pyroshark i jump into the water to feed them with my sandvich
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Alex Ponekker
Times have changed. Like, promotional TF2 items that are weapons and have entirely new abilities/stats? It's been forever since the last time Valve did this
once upon a time when valve cared about tf2
so i recently came across a pyro scout duo, and they were doing something i'd never seen before; the scout had mad milk and the sun on a stick and the pyro was sporting a scorch shot and the neon annihilator. the scout would throw milk and the pyro would get a crit and the pyro would light people on fire so the scout could chase them down and kill them with crits. that is the best teamwork ever.
TheKishinhunter I actually did that with my friend once in 2fort and it's really fun
Just Moved In
Sounds like actual teamwork in Team Fortress 2. That's a first.
its funny that people think the Huo Long Heater hinders spies, it doesnt, spies can just jump to backstab you without being burnt.
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Jazz spark
I agree Hue long heater is useless...
+Nutburger it's work for me also because I main spy
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Huo-Long is best for cart games jump on cart infinite ammo, auto-spy check = win :)
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+TehDragonkidd hopefully your team can deal with them
Better to not stand on top of the cart. Cuz you know snipers... :\
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Alwin Priven
but if we didnt have the Neon Annihilator then we wont have all the pyrosharks!
Alwin Priven
+LittleBigSully I know, but still we need the Neon Annihilator!!!!!
Benjamin A. Herder
It isnt 'garanteed' that a spy will be lit on fire...
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+Eric Miller Shpees are stupid spies.
+Space Core & Wheatley not if they jump over the fire
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huo-long heater it burns spys well unless they jump then your fucked 
Casual Ninja
guillotine is pronounced gee-yuh-teen
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Alkali Battery
+Efan Yes actually.
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K9 Beowulf
the red tape recorder is supposed to anooy the engineers
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Black Mesa Zanza
no, it was meant to support your team in situations where you cant destroy the sentry. if you can kill the sentry with the normal sapper lets say multiple engineers or a homewreaker, it will AT LEAST be de-leveled to Lvl 2 witch is much easier for a Heavy to destroy. Listen... Valve cares alot about this game, they don't put items in to "anooooooooy" people... they do it for balance.
If a engie is guarding his sentry close up, and you cant really blow it up with the regular sapper, the Red Tape will degrade the sentry so that it will be easier for your teammates to destroy it. 
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