9/11 Prediction in 1948 Cartoon?





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Published on Sep 7, 2011

Info from the BigCartoonDatabase (www.bcdb.com):

"Often An Orphan"
Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series
Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc.
Cartoon Characters: Porky Pig, Charlie Dog.
Directed By Chuck Jones.
Originally Released on August 13, 1949 (produced in 1948)
Originally Released Theatrically.
Running Time: 7 minutes.

To avoid any more stupid comments - a few points in advance:

1. The cartoon was made in 1948 and is directed by Chuck Jones.
2. In the 1920ies to 1950ies cartoons like this where shown in theatres either before the main movie or in between the two parts of a double feature.
3. Yes, there wasn´t much color-tv around in the fourties, but was has this fact to do with the cartoon?
4. I don´t think myself that this is a prediction of coming events (just check the question-mark in the title of the video), but just a funny coincidence.
5. They are two ideas where the line originated from. One is a bible quote (check the comments for more info) and another one (which seems more plausible) is that Jones was refering to the end of the radio era. The radio-towers (search for RKO) were pulled down all around the US back in the 40ies because these steel monsters weren´t needed anymore.
6. As mentioned above this was a theatrical cartoon and no episode from a tv-show, so comments about how fake it is and that is was produced much later are stupid. Just get your facts straight and use at least wikipedia, google or the above mentioned BCDB to inform yourself of things that happened before you where born. :)

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Conspiracy Theorista
The debate here seems to be about the "towers" part of this video.   What about the REST of it? "You can't breathe... you're trapped.  You can't think..."  Like the people in the top of the towers, especially the north one? Then the traffic noises, like a busy city and chaos.  Like Manhattan on 9/11 at the base of the towers. ...and the dog speaking with a NY accent. So here we have trapped people who cannot breathe, chaotic city sounds and a NY accent, building to a crescendo when the towers fall, then quiet - and the dog laying on the ground as if dead.   If you can see all that and still cling to your willful ignorance, the cabal has done a fantastic job on you. Fun fact:  there were plans to build a World Trade Center in the 1940's... that's right on the World Trade Center Wikipedia page, if anyone would care to verify. Check out the movie Double Indemnity on Netflix....  it's from 1944.  It mentions the numbers 9 and 11 PLAINLY  four times, "covertly" at least another two times, and a character in the movie at one point mentions "Suicide by leaps from high places"...  also a young lady in the film mentions "The guy who owns Standard Oil..." which brings the name Rockefeller into the scenario.  9/11 was a ROCKEFELLER inside job. “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action” ― Ian Fleming 
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+Conspiracy Theorista that Fleming quote goes for world wars.....
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Now anything that has to do with towers is 9/11 related... fucking morons
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Kenny McCormick
Stonewall it wasnted the part about the towers that made half of the people think that. it was the part about not being able to breath and being trapped. also all of the siren sounds, the dog being "dead" at the end after literally pretending to jump from a tower, the new york accent. its a bit coincidentally if you ask me.
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is it a prediction, or the inspiration the hijackers got for it.
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JIDF Shill
beatnix Hahahaha holco$t was fake you dipshit. Nazi Germany would have been the most powerful civilization on earth if not for the Jew sponsored United States
Jon Kennedy
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Spencer Henchen
Maybe, and just maybe they were talking about the empire state building and the B25 incedent in 1945 where a B25 airplane crashed into the empire state building /=D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empire_State_Building#1945_plane_crash 
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Spencer Henchen
+Assassin157 >=(
Yes, that could be plausible if they didn't say "towers" instead of "tower."
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He's talking about the grain towers on the farm you freakin morons.
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no he is not in the part before the video he starts talking about the city
Jonathan Mullins
you're THE IDIOT. lol dumbass
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Maybe you all should read the description before going and saying that the uploader's insane. 
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Aidan McLaren
+Imperial Palace Guard There are no coincidences; Only illusion of coincidence.
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Prediction... ? Yeah, maybe if the cartoon character would have said "look it's the Manhattan world trade towers falling". But, video's like this is just like the typical BS media taking objectives completely out of context... perhaps you should have showed the entire cartoon? 
James Merendino
+Xcorgi Cool it! What are you a Nazi?
I suppose you TOTALLY agree with JEW MEDIA and what they spoon fed Americans to believe about 911? Why else would you be so defensive about a cartoon? It's almost like you took it PERSONALLY. Of course, if that's true, then you yourself must be a JEW. That's right. Jewy Mc Jew Jew!
Roel Vink
Lets be honest people, you can be suspicious and look for a underlayer behind everything. This is exactly what your mind want you to do, you think you warn people and help people by revealing secret messages, but you are only making your mind more powerful, the mind loves a huge maze, so you can dwell in it and get lost in the mental prison (by looking for something behind everything). Because that is the real enslavement we are facing, their is no enslavement of the NWO or Agenda 21 or Zionism ( and if their is, we cannot do anything about it) But you can do something about the state of your mind. You can change your mind and unslave yourself from it. Just learn the big picture of life in every facet. Google TruthContest read the Present, it explains the natur of everything including the nature of your mind and how to overcome the badstates permantly
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Мариян Иванов
if truthcontest tells the truth then why does it talk about things that are not certain or proven, such as reincarnation ? saying that reincarnation is real is a good way to make people change their minds but if reincarnaton is not real then it does not matter what we do.
Edgar Rojas
preach it brotha'
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Vreaus pleez
Researching 9/11 might be interesting, but it would benefit the Human Race a lot more to instead seek The Truth about Life's Big Questions. If you are interested, check out 'The Truth Contest' site..... (just google it)
Vreaus pleez
word brother
Lawrence Betelgeuse
+Vreaus pleez I agree even more after looking at that site
You conspiracy theorists are certainly entertaining.
+CreatineMax If this is your evidence then you need to go back to school
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