The Most Important Clue! From Folksteady's new Pop Opera, "The Kennedy Assassination."





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Published on Aug 11, 2013

Marina' Oswald's Disco Dance!
The November 22, 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy is the subject of Folksteady's first project, a "pop opera." From Lee Harvey Oswald to the Umbrella Man, this first cut treats this uniquely American drama as iconic folk legend. Follow us at https://www.Folksteady.com or on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/folksteady. The full album is available on itunes, emusic.com and everywhere else in the world!

Track One: "The Killing of Kennedy."

Take a trip with me back to November '63,
You got a limo with the Prez and someone aiming at his head,
You've got some shadows on a hill and then a few more suspect still..,
Six flights up, there's a Marine, who left behind his wedding ring.

And there's a Mafiosa mug who's gonna shoot him in his guts,
And don't forget the Klan, the CIA, Umbrella Man,
Cuba's King Fidel to whom it's kill him or be killed,
There's just a holy mess of dread who want to see our king shot dead....

And it was just in-sane,
Insane in the membrane.

Capturing the scene rattles a home movie machine,
A guy is aiming his camera it's just an 8 millimeter,
It shoots the motorcade's slow turn from Main and then the roll down Elm.

The limousine slows down just as the crowd is thinning out,
Now, just before the underpass people waving from the grass...

Buried somewhere in the Bronx there's a social worker's file about Lee,
I offer now to you, the single most important clue you'll see,
She writes about the boy, a recent transplant from New Orleans,
Friendless and alone, the only one in school in blue jeans.

And she writes:
No one ever met his needs for love,
No one ever met his needs for love.

The royal head snaps back there's simply no confusing that,
In fact his brains have left the scene and out the limo crawls the queen,
She meets the guard on the rear hood who shoves her back down to the floor,
And as the whole mess speeds away the mantle goes to LBJ!

And it is just in-sane,
Insane in the membrane.

I say it's just in-sane,
Insane in the membrane.

Now fifty years have passed. Theories blowing in the gas,
A bloody treason in the street an unsolved murder on the screen,
The puzzle left to solve is the thoughts of Lee Oswald,
And-all he had to say was "I am just a PAT-SY!"

And it is just in-sane,
Insane in the membrane.

Yeah, it is just in-sane,
Insane in the membrane.

His father in the tomb, before he's out the womb. Poor Lee,
His buggy mother never home, clearly doesn't give a damn about Lee,
Brought in for skipping school, wandering the zoo at 13,
And the last note in the file is they've left the domicile, Oh, Gee.

And it says:
No one ever met his needs for love,
No one ever met his needs for love.


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