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Published on May 27, 2008


Muy Thai vs. TKD

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brian sheehan
TKD is good to start with when you're a kid, because it helps with flexibility and self esteem and whatnot. However, Muay Thai is a real combat art with way more effective striking not requiring to spin your body and leave yourself completely open.
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Stian Azarov
brian sheehan omg somebody finally said it
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Nigel Foster
Was this a real fight? The Thai dude was half ass'n it from start to finish. It's like he was sparing with a noob.
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Ya Mi
he did
Rattanarerg Onyaem
Nigel Foster sure he know that tkd is noob,look at his belt,its not full black yet.
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Ed Floody
TKD calls his teacher and says "This shit doesn't work". The teacher tells him "After your promotion to Chil Dan, you will then learn the secrets to defeat the Muay Thai. Stay the course you are on the path to enlightenment and don't forget to bring your payment to the next class."
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Janio Palomino Valenzuela
awww just take it on ...
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Sonny in Phoenix
TKD is a joke, MT fighters are just to aggressive with the best defense. Best bet for a tkd guys is to take that silly karate suite off and keep his distance/ wear out the MT fighter and pray they land a roundhouse to the jaw or temple
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D.J. Pasion
+Rexxy Rokka yeah its always been that way
Rexxy Rokka
+D.J. Pasion Exactly.  These Klowns always try to put korean shit high up on a pedestal, even when most of korean stuff is copied from China, Japan, or the West.  Korea is just a copy factory  Klowns love plastic surgery because they need to hide their ugly faces, and LOVE fake/copied things.
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if the muay thai fighter use his elbow, sure his can knockout the TKD fighter in first few second
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Ejay Barbarona
He is just concerned to TKD Boxer :)
Raziel Sefer
I don't believe the were trying to punch in the face cause the tkd fighter would get messed up. That's why they were throwing kicks mainly.
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Joao Coelho
It doesn't matter what martial art is. It all comes down to skill, technique, hard work, and dedication.
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Joao Coelho bro ! its tru but not for taekwondo vs muay thai. Mist of the time muay thai will win.
+Joao Coelho Seem like wise and poetic words, but... hell no ! It's ALSO a matter of style ! You can spend 15 years in the gym practicing TKD, a 1 year judoka/jiu-jitsuka will take you down to the ground and eat you alive no matter what, because, in 15 years, you wouldn't have spent 1 single minute learning about takedown defense and ground fighting. TKD guys spend years in the dojo without learning proper punching, proper guarding, proper set-ups, proper... everything. You'll go much more distance with 1 years in Muay Thai than with 5 in TKD, no matter what. By itself, Muay Thai is the best overall kickboxing system, and it has proven it for the last 40 years... and I tell you why : because it acually IS a system, a method to progressively disable the opponent, unlike TKD which is mainly about "try your best to place that very one killer kick", yes, their kicks are killers... but they never hit... and against a MT fighter, their juice is taken so fast by the leg kicks that they just can't pull out any powermove. TKD is typically the stuff that is fancy in a street fight against a defensless martial ignorant thug... but it only takes a proper guard and a bit of martial knowledge to make it ineffcient. The statement that the artist is more important than the art is plainly wrong, as wrong as saying that Ussein Bolt will win a race on his feet against a mediocre F1 pilot, it just won't happen, because it's also a matter of what tool you use, a martial art is a tool, designed for what it is designed, and not designed for what it is not designed, and in this regard, TKD is by itself weaker than MT, beacause MT has everything TKD has to offer (great kicks), but TKD has more or less nothing that MT has to offer (elbows/knees, clinch game, proper punching, proper guard, long run strategy etc).
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Jack Kasetrachai
You know man !?! Karate and teakwondo this is a sport but Mauy thai this is weapon !! japan fight n' Korea fight this is thai for a children !
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Tanner Goodman
TaeKwon-Do was originally used for war within the Korean military. People always forget that..
Wills Pram
Jose Jean Pierre Salguero Huaman obviously you know nothing about the history of Muay Thai. The style of Muay Thai is the cleaned up, modernised version of Muay Boran imposed by king rama the 5th as a result of deaths in the ring. Muay boran was developed through years of war with burma. Thailand lost 9 wars and we won the last war because of Muay boran. And it also sounds to me like you've never been kicked in the leg. So before assuming that what you think is true, why not do some research. I'm happy to hear what you'll argue next because I know you're on the wrong side of the argument. Your assumptions are not facts mate.
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Nikola Tesla
TBH, the muay thai fighter could have finished him with a kick to the head in the first few seconds.
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Slim Mikey
No, that is your random assumption but not scientificly proven.
Sean Boss
+Slim Mikey just like how one pound from deez nuts could kill someone
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Kurayame Dark
This fight looks like a father giving a beating to his own kid you know
Kurayame Dark 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Xendis TV
muay that if not rules u can die
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Kurayame Dark
Man i think he was mentionning the old way to practice Muay Thaï and as it still exist in some countries like France you know when you do a fight while doing muay thai it's without gloves and till one or the other is KO or give up you know it's a very old traditionnal way to fight while doing muay thai lol
Yasuo Bot
Yeah, xD.
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