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Joker: Ending Explained: The Hidden Twist You Missed!





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Premiered Oct 6, 2019

Joker: Ending Explained: The Hidden Twist You Missed & All The Evidence To Support It. I give my theory of why the events in Joker were not real. This fan theory has massive spoilers so avoid this video if you haven't seen the film.

#Joker #EndingExplained #HiddenTwist

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Joker Ending Explained
Ok so Joker tells the story of Arthur Fleck, a nobody in the city of Gotham that rises to the top and causes a riot that sees the death of the Wayne’s.

Joker in the film is an unreliable narrator that often hallucinates and imagines things that simply didn’t happen. But what if the majority of the events in the film didn’t actually happen and pretty much all of it was in the character’s head?

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Joker Hidden Twist
Well, personally I believe that the film is actually about an insane inmate at Arkham Asylum that stopped taking his medication and created a fantasy in his head that he started an uprising that lead to the deaths of the city’s most affluent family. He kills his psychiatrist at the end and does a mad dash throughout the halls of the complex before he’s caught and escorted back to his cell.

Now the reason that he hates the Wayne’s and wants to take responsibility for their death is because when he was growing up his mother made him hate the family, most notably Thomas, who she said mistreated her when she worked at the manor. None of the events in the film, bar the few flashes that we see of the Asylum are real and this is simply Arthur imagining that he’s an important figure in Gotham that brought down the person he hates more than anything in the world.

The Evidence
Now whilst I can a lot of people instantly disagreeing with this, there’s actually a lot of evidence to support this.

Firstly let’s jump to the ending of the film when we see Arthur being questioned by his psychiatrist. She asks him ‘what’s so funny?’ and he begins laughing. Arthur simply can’t contain himself and we cut to a scene showing Bruce standing over the bodies of his dead parents which shows that he finds it funny that they died. Arthur then continues laughing and says that ‘you won’t get the joke.’ This is true because the psychiatrist probably won’t know about his dislike for the Waynes and even if she did she wouldn’t understand why he would take so much glee in their death.

This seems like the first real, genuine laugh from Arthur in the film, who up until this point, has been only laughing due to his condition. But what if during the entire events of the film, he was actually always in the Asylum?

Was The Joker Real Or False?
Well the first big pointer of this to me comes early on in the movie when Arthur is being questioned by his first psychiatrist. She asks about his past at the Asylum and we cut to the character smacking his head against the door to his cell before going back to their therapy session. Personally, I don’t think that this is a flashback at all and that Arthur at this point is actually in the Asylum, imagining he’s a free man and the mere question of Arkham makes him flash out of his delusion for a brief second in which he has to hit his head once more in order to re-enter it.

We see more evidence of this later in the movie when Arthur is once more speaking to his psychiatrist for seemingly the final time and he states that he feels like he never really existed. If the last point is true then this interview is once again at the Asylum and Arthur is admitting that the person he imagines in his head doesn’t really exist and that it’s all just make-believe.

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