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Published on Dec 11, 2009

Ex-Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch shoots straight about his failed reconnection Korn connection.

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I read his book. He said that God told him to make his own band and it would be even bigger than KoRn. Obviously. Didn't happen. Religion ruins everything.
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so ur saying black pride or brown pride is the same as saying white pride? people say brown or black pride becaue white people have treated them worse or inferior. who do you think came up with segregation /apartheid? religion is the root of evil? dude if u look at the history of rock music, you will find ''gospel'' influence.. so yeah gospel is a part of rock music
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Richard M
I know I'm late as shit but I still see people talking about this. Everything you need to know about this topic: 1: Being a rock star is not as easy or as much fun as people think. 2: He got addicted to meth, so it's impressive that he's even alive right now 3: Religion provides solace, or comfort; it doesn't matter whether or not it's true. What matters is he found the thing that kept him from probably killing himself or something like that. 4: Now he's leveled out a bit, and realizes he can do the Korn thing without destroying himself. 5: People are so mean and hurtful that he probably doesn't want to talk about his beliefs anymore because people will just be even worse towards him, even if he says he's not religious any more. P.S. It blows my mind that people can listen to Korn, and hear the words that are being sung, and then turn right around and make a guy feel like shit just because he doesn't believe what they believe, or because he's doing something they don't fully agree with. That is literally the kind of shit Jonathan Davis sings about fucking him up and making him into this broken person. I know that feeling, people give me shit all the time just because I'm different. I think Head did what pretty much all of us would have done if we were that close to a meth suicide.
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Renee DeeVee
So true
Street Hierarchy
all three of you are right.
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What's with the undertaker look?
mike hunt
This guy is so full of shit. His stories change from interview to interview. Munky seems like the most sane person in that band.
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Sweet Korn
Wow the burn xD
mike hunt
+OthellRogue that im a candy cane suckin nigga
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Nothing is quite as sad as hearing about the failed reunion of a shitty band. 
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Cherie Champagne
+Mcgregor .mephisto it's about time someone one stood up to these metalhead shit eating stereotypes that think they're better than everyone else he's a piece of shit judging a band or it's fans I have to deal with people like this my whole fucking life they need to fuck off and leave people alone
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Federico AT
Korn will never be the same without this guy..
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Rafael Cabral Williams
With or without him, it would never gonna be the same, untouchables was the last good album they put out, even take a look in the mirror was at least "hearable", but all the shit they've come with after that, it's been so bad i don't even want to know abour theie new stuff.
+Micah N stuff You call him "faget" and you have kiss avatar? Pfff...
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he needed a break.
Miracle Olulu
Yeah, but he has to make that step and commitment on his own.
Head should just be an atheist
+gamingmondo It helped him so do not judge others bro.
alex smith
is that jesus?
Greasy jesus
alex smith
+Kowl Gockle sure looks like Jesus. are you sure it's not him?
G cater
You could only tell if you watched him play that he was  HIGH and the Music was  faster and he would trip while he played.You got something special if you saw Head play in the Old days HIGH,,,,,,,,HE KICKED ASS
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+G cater YT didn't show me your reply but yeah - it still doesn't make any sense whatsoever...
you're right.. saw them in '03 at CBGB and head was a maniac on stage.
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