Skyrim Tips - Spells Cost Zero Magicka To Cast and Infinite Enchantment Charge





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Published on Nov 19, 2011

Yeah, a nice little trick pretty obvious to some, but whatever. Through enchanting you can make it so a certain spell of school costs zero to cast. If you do this with DESTRUCTION it makes your weapons (not staves), have unlimited charges as well which is amazing.

All you need is either the enchantment for the school you wish to have cost 0 magicka, or have an item that you can disenchant to give you that enchantment. Next you need to have 4 Soul Gems filled with Grand Souls. You need an unenchanted Helm, Necklace, Chest, and Ring of your choice. Then you need to be at 100 Enchanting.

The easiest way to get fortify destruction enchantment is off "Thalmor Robes" and "Hodded Thalmor Robes". Just go to any location where Thalmor are and murder those bigots.

You can do this for two schools if you have the dual enchantment perk.

Helm - 25 percent Destruction and 25 percent Illusion

Neck - 25 Percent Destruction and 25 percent Illusion

Chest - 25 Percent Destruction and 25 percent Illusion

Ring - 25 Percent Destruction and 25 percent Illusion

Brief Soul Gem Explanation
For this to work you must be using Grand Soul. Grand Souls come from high leveled creatures, or humans. An example of a high leveled creature would be a Mammoth. All "human" souls are grand but they can only reside within a Black Soul Gem, or the Black Star (acquired from a Deadric Quest).

Here is a list of are the gems you can use. Grand Soul Gem, Azura's Star, Black Star, or Black Soul Gem.

All of these Gems CAN contain a lesser Soul in them. That is a Grand Soul Gem could house a Petty Soul for example. This is not what you need. You need to have a Soul Gem that holds a GRAND Soul in it. The item tooltip will say "Azura's Star (Grand)", or "Grand Soul Gem (Grand)". If it says "Grand Soul Gem (Lesser)" this will NOT work.

TIP: Getting to 100 Enchanting
This isn't really that hard. You can use Alchemy to boost your Enchanting, but it isn't hard to do it on your own. Go to the College of Winterhold. Wait till 1 A.M. Now go to the tower were all the "instructors" sleep. There will be three people in there that sell a vast array of Soul Gems. Both Filled and Not. If you are rich, buy them all. Personally I just bought unfilled petty and lesser. Wait 2 days, and then buy again. Repeat this till you have 50 soul gems or so. Then run around and kill foxes or wolves or anything till you fill them all up. It only took me about 45 minutes. Finally go and enchant a bunch of useless gear with useless enchantments. That's how I did it.

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Rogue Citizen
never say Muh-Jeekah ever again
I can't its too engrained.
nah maing
Kichirou Vixen
thats new... 1440p!
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Watch Me Do Shit
+RippleEffect420 NAn go check UhOhbro he have some 4k videos bro :D
You read it wrong it's 144p witch is the worst lol
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flaming kitsune
will i matter if i have 96 percent? i mean it won't be a hundred but still
Richard Umlauf
It wont be free but it will be very very cheap
this is the exact reason i decided to wear armor on my mage character. now i just need to level up my enchanting and hello infinite mass destruction. since i play with spells only, my magicka (despite being currently at 630 with 2 enchanted pieces) drains pretty fast especially when using destruction spells. the only thing i regret is not remembering this trick faster(as i saw it a year ago too but i wasn't playing as a mage back then) so that i wouldn't waste all those levels to boost my magicka instead of health. and the best part about this is that it's legit gameplay, no glitches or anything, just smart use of enchanting
Free Elo Kat
Hey i have a question do you need exactly 25 on each peice. Can i have 62 percent on my chest piece and like 20 percent on some other things as long as it adds up to higher than  100 percent?
+Free Elo Kat I don't know how you can get more than 25 percent without very VERY extensive alchemy tricks or modding, but yes.
Cody Casper
Wasn't obvious to me. Thanks man.
I forgot about this tell I came across it again now I did it an now I can cast unlimited magic spells I only got one spell class though but my armor is heavy Maxt out so am very hard to kill 
Adwagon 22
Your mana does drain
No, if you knew the battle mechanics of the game you would know its being drained by an enemy in the room. Not by the spell. 
Pig Butcher
Yes luminous, I had gotten the enchanters potion that boost it up 25% and I did it
Thang Nguyen
this isn't a broken system, the developer made the game like that. On Master or Legendary difficulty, destruction spells don't do much damage so you should be able to spam them.
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