Bugatti Veyron vs BMW M3





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Published on Sep 25, 2007

An airstrip drag race between a Bugatti Veyron and Dutch racing driver Ho-Pin Tung in a new E92 M3.

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Joel Cullum
Not fair... The m3 is a car, the Veyron is a rocket ship!
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+Melih Özbayrak put it in your ass
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Amazing, I remember watching this in 2007.. hard to believe it's been 8 years. Time flies.
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now it's 10
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1) the Veyron is the ugliest supercar ever made, it looks like a PIG. 2) it's not a proper supercar 3) it's too heavy 2 tons 4) it's top speed is irellevant. Ferrari ,Porsche, Mclaren - they can all built a car that goes faster in a straight line, they just don't care. What's the point of having a 250 mph supercar if u can't hit that speed on the road ??? 5) it has a horrible looking interior. The steering whell looks like the wheel of an ancient charriot. Plus all that luxury adds weight. A true driver doesn't need luxury, if u want luxury u buy a Maybach or a Rolls, not a supercar. 6) The true test of a supercar is on a track. This 2 ton junk totally sucks. It's not even in top 5 fastest at the Top Gear track. 7) it has a piece a crap of an engine : it needs an 8 litre W16 with 4 turbos to generate 1000 HP. Ferrari get 860 HP from a naturally aspirated engine. Imagine if they would use an 8l W16 with 4 turbos : they'd obtain 3000 HP
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Mayhem and chill
you just seem to forget this was nearly 10 years ago and ferrari porsche mclaren are building cars that are faster since just a couple of years......
Emrah Shaini
Ranganath Mysore He touched the point. I agree with him. Where you will drive the Buggati with top speed/straight line ? I think Koenigsegg is way better than Buggati in that case, and the Ferrari is the master of supercars !
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Damian Nunn
and i thought the M3 was going to win...
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Austin Chaparro
I seen one that did 
Isaac Kelley
+Austin Chaparro Well,at LEAST it would have been even,because it's the world's fastest STREET car against a PROFESSIONAL RACE CAR. So it's hard to call,but i think the M3 would take it,though the buggati certainly would give the GTR a run for it's money.
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The M3 is much, much nicer! Bugatti is an ugly nightmare ...
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+Anaris G Your so right BMW is so overrated just like apple.
Anaris G
bmw is the most overrated mark. I work in a mechanical workshop. ILL never understand his popularity, they are always broken. Here is the car for gypsies
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They Veyron is a show off car..a car that you buy and display as a trophy.  All this while you drive the M3 daily to work, the beach and grocery shopping. lol
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"while you drive the M3 daily to work" what? thats not correct.. in my country a car like that, is a super car... 
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell I wouldn't totally agree. Yes, it is a collector's car, yes it is incredibly expensive and most of them will barely get out of the garage; but I instantly have a lot of respect for one whenever I see it on the streets. Whereas with someone in a BMW...
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John Guijt
BMW M3 won already, it had more fun before the race even started.
John Guijt thats Forsure👌🏼
Ionut Laurentiu Moise
"Bugatti Veyron vs BMW M3 " gotta be kidding :)) plane vs bike :))
lmfao xD
Frédéric Chopin
sure Bugatti may have won the race, but Bmw won the style, price, and beauty
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Frederic chopin it didnt.
Rene Kruiper
brk brk Style and beauty are different things, you cunt
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