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Published on Jun 27, 2007

These are ads comparing Apple with pc...(Funny) SUBSCRIBE PLEASE FOR MORE FUNNY VIDEOS.

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DJ Jesus.He Died for your spins
Mac: I'm a Mac! PC: And I'm a PC! PC: Hey Mac let's go play some games! Mac: Um what?
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Justin Adams
the best macbook pro which is almost $2500 has a Radeon Pro 450 with 2GB memory which compares to a 950m... will it run most games... ya... will it blow you away? no. can get a $1000 alienware with better or build your own. i built my computer for $800 and it is faster with a better video card. macs are amazing at many things. gaming isnt their strength.
Justin Adams
No This is Patrick yeah right. macs cannot compete with pcs for gaming. can macs run most games? yes. but at twice the cost and cant run top end games at highest settings. find me a new mac or macbook that has a top-end video card for gaming
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Matt Alhazred
hi, I'm a pc, and I do actual fun things like pro gaming.
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Kap G
some people don't find games fun , some people find It just silly and time wasting
Michal Wubs
Gabe_0 pc fag
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PCs can do everything that macs do and more for half the price.When you buy a mac you pay for the name.
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Drool Sheep
Not everything and more.... It's the opposite.
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Windows is still better for gaming.
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+The Great Punkster it is 
The Great Punkster
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Georgi Petko
I've build a PC with better components than a 3000$ mac, for 1800$. :) I'll stay with pc :) Also I can run mac and windows on it.
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Blank Space
Georgi Petko yeah. U are right, but in times that this ad was created it was wayyy harder to build yourself a pcp
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Shawn Jones
Apple guy: Hi , Im a mac.  Apple Guy: Hey! whats up?  Apple guy: HEY what is that on your computer screen? Thats sweet lookin. Pc Guy: Its a game. Apple guy: WHats that bright neon red lights with the tubes and fans and the metal case over there? Pc Guy: Its my custom case I built with my own parts. Apple Guy: Fuck this overpriced pink calculator im going to buy a PC.
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Lol more justification about the money wasted on his mac^^
Elmo - Talvy
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Phil K
Mac is great just overpriced
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Rum Ham
Phil K that's where you're wrong. I recently purchased a dell xps 15 that cost upwards of $1500, yeah that's fucking expensive. But it was the largest piece of shit computer I've used in my entire life. Brand spanking new, got blue screen in first 10 minutes of use. Fuck windows, fuck dell, cause I'd rather drop over $1500 on a Mac that I know works flawlessly, and is far more reliable. I returned the XP shit
Nukanchik Ordonez
its called supply and demand my friend
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Patrick Bateman
Now I finally know why so many Americans like their Macs so much. They all got brainwashed by silly TV ads.
Around The World
Even though this was all in 2007? Even before that... Look at the time the video was uploaded. Now more and more people are realizing apple is overpriced and that you would purely be paying for the name if you buy one. Have you seen their newer laptops? Apple fan's biggest argument is "It's easier." Search up "Windows funny ads." Apple is slowly dying.
yoyourcrazy _
not me i'm PC all the way
To the dingalings that say Macs cant get a virus. EVERY computer can.
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I am sorry, I have to do it. I do not own a Mac, therefor I cannot speak as though I have used one, but here is a link to an article disproving this belief: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/can-macs-get-viruses/ I know this thread is old, I just had to post this.
MrAgnostic well no shit sherlock but mac has got 1 virus since its life time and now its patched
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So yeah, but even though these ads are completely false, it is a good campaign.
+bradgonewild True.
When are marketing campaigns actually true ? lol :)
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