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Published on Mar 6, 2012

Nicki Minaj 'Save Me' in reverse and translated. Feel free to respond about something you feel you heard or that i misheard. Let us remind ourselves that Minaj IS in the Illuminati and as long as she is being played on the radio and idolized by her "fans", she will be. You may believe differently but I urge you, don't be a fool.

*NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. DISCLAIMER. First song used is original. All other audio and images are not owned by the persons herein. DISCLAIM.

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Comments • 1,826

Edwin Hoffman
i actually like this song reversed...
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Edwin Hoffman me to
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Jordan Lane
Damn, this song even sounds good backwards
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Razing Flame
It does!
Memphi Vicente
BRoO I literally cant control my dancing right now!Im hitting them folks!
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Lol. Looks like someone has too much time on there hands.
Elyise Gehrung
true chiz ...  
Retarded people wasting their time making this and even more retarded that people actually believe this.
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Sanaa Odom
Randel Estepp can't say that because people have religion to follow like me
Crystal Universe
iSuperDuper So true
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Queen KayKae
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Anthony Sidney  Odom Jr
+Onyx Ivy omg there's no need to be scared
Onyx Ivy
me scrdd too
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Hillary Clinton
Its sounds like "pay me so i switch my ass" lol
TruthTeller777 oxbrow
+Katie 101 yeah I thought then but made out it was "swish" which I guess would be like twerking ....But thats the new name for just what Jlow and all those were doing 10 years ago
Quany Da Legend
God Is A Forgiving God 
Chynah Rencher
I believe in jusus 100% and no one can change my mind about that no matter what
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Mr BlackRed
+Chynah Rencher lmao
Chynah Rencher
+Ahmet Haydar Işık sorry I ment Jesus
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Mimi McClaine
I am asking those of you that WOULD, to agree with me, as there is power in numbers and in praying. Let us not judge this lady. The music industry is VERY misleading. They have taken many talented people and made them false promises to get famous, and these people get lead down a road of nothing but deception and lies, but to come to be ask to SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE; yes, to SELL OUT!  Look at this lady, before the music industry got their claws dug in her, she was a beautiful soul, same with Beyonce, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kesha and others~~anyhow, here we go. FATHER GOD, I loosen warring angels to storm HELL, HEAVEN and all in between on behalf of these celebritites! I LOOSESN and APPOINT the power and presence, the anointing and guidance of the Holy Spirit to go forth and stand in the gap on their behalf. This is my heart's cry!! I cry war and release and delivereance , salvation and restoration for each and everyone of these individuals in JESUS" NAME! Raise a HOPE and a HOLY GHOST BOLDNESS up in your people, Lord, and in these people in aiding them to be freed. I PULL DOWN STRONGHOLDS, I BIND STRONGMEN in Jesus' Name, and I seal this by the BLOOD OF JESUS! I smite wicked spirits and evil spirits in high places, in Jesus' Name! I call EVERY ASSIGNMENT and mandate reguarding the lives of these individuals, null and void, in Jesus' Name. Demons tremble at the Name of Jesus, thats the WORD! Yes, it is! This child says "Save me", Lord, you know what it takes to accomplish this, and I am petitioning you today, save her and the others that would seek to get out of the grips of the evil in music and acting industry. I BINK I REBUKE AND I SMITE the spirit behind the music industry! I command in Jesus' Name that you be silenced and keep your place, yet bound, in your doomed kingdom, and command these people be set free, spiritiually, physically and mentally, emotionally and every area of their lives in Jesus' Name! I BIND dead in its tracks hexes, vexes, charms, spells, voo doo, mind control and any and all other evil practices and powers that seek to deceive and destroy anyone against their own will in Jesus' Name. I curse and smite you, I rebuke you, sayeth the Lord thy God, thy Holy one of Isreal. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah stand face to face and nose to nose with you and draw a line, a BLOOD LINE and you cannot cross it in Jesus' Name. I rebuke spirits of fear, intimidation, chaos and confusion in Jesus' Name. Lord, storm and stir the hearts of Hollywood and abroad, and make those behind these people transparent, for all the world to see, that the guilty be put to a open shame, and be exposed for the evil they are, in Jesus' Name I pray. The Word says clearly that we cannot serve 2 masters, that being  God, and/or money. (the devil, and in the music industry, the head demon is BAPHOMET.) I serve notice this day, Baphomet, you are NOT GOD, and you are defeated in Jesus' Name! Your days are short, and you know this, as does the devil, himself. The lake of fire is reserved for the wicked. They are DETERMINED TO TAKE AS MANY ALONG WITH THEM AS THEY CAN, they HATE US, as were are created by Christ, in the image of Christ. Those that would, stop now!! Stop and cry out to God, HE WILL HEAR FROM YOU! Today is the day of salvation...not later tonight , tomorrow, the time is NOW, and you are getting your chance. Time is running short, the clock is ticking. To those that would laugh or mock me, I could care less, I am about my Father's business, God bless you all. It is God's Will that no man perish, and Nicki, HE loves you, sweetie, He stands arms open wide for you to return to Him, and forgive you of all that garbage!! I mean this with every fiber of my being. Godspeed!!!  Amen and amen.  Now, those, that would copy and paste this, agree with me, pray on behalf of these people. They need our prayers! Real Christians do this for their fellow breathren!!    I seal this all b the Blood of Jesus and I ask the Holy Spirit to go before God the Father and pray things which we know not to, on behalf of these people, this is the Word, friends, and no weapon formed against any of you that seek to leave the evil, shall prosper!!! Some might not make it out alive in the natural, and guess what, that means nothing, because you will be ejected STRAIGHT INTO HEAVEN AND ETERNITY, better that than eternal hell fire and damnation! I close, loosening the ANNOINTING OF GOD UPON THIS PRAYER AND THE PEOPLE SEEKNG HELP. The anointing that breaks EVERY YOKE OF BONDAGE!! YES!!!you heard that, the word of God on most high!
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Robert Neill
+Mimi McClaine AMEN!! :) we love god in our hearts
Otho Williams Jr.
Sah-la-bo-sha(Let there be order)…Amen!
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TWERKING EXPLAINED. "paying me to shake my ass" 
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