Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (PS2) - 01/10 - Intro & Isle of Tranquility 1





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Uploaded on Dec 14, 2011

(Levels & Vitalits)
*****(((Prologue)))***** 1:55

**********Isle of Tranquility**********
***Aquamarine Bay*** 5:03
Vitalit 1 - 6:09
Info: Play "Catch the Fish" and win, then do a tailwalk at the water's surface and the Vitalit will appear above the surface. *Do NOT speak to the Whale otherwise you can't do this side quest.*
Vitalit 2 - 7:27
Info: In the trees above the surface.
Vitalit 3 - 7:38
Info: Hovering above the stone pillar above the surface. Time your jump here to get it.
Vitalit 4 - 8:01
Info: Near the whales is a arch. Under it is the Vitalit.
Vitalit 5 - 8:23
Note: Near the waterfall above the surface. Make take a few tries to get it.

***Perils of the Coral Reef*** 13:47
Vitalit 1 - 14:29
Info: Turn left at the start of the level. You can't miss it.
Vitalit 2 - 15:30
Note: Win the race and the Vitalit will appear nearby. Stay around the outer area where the stone pillars are during the race.
Vitalit 3 - 20:42
Info: With the Song of Fish, sing to these yellow glowing fish then enter the dark cave. *If you enter it without these fish, you die once you go too far in the cave, also watch out for the Poison Jellyfish lurking in it.*
Vitalit 4 - 21:54
Info: If you took the Dark Cave, it's just outside the cave in the Big Shark area to your right at the bottom behind a green plant thing.
Vitalit 5 - 22:38
Info: Kill the Big Shark here with the Power of Vigor, which takes about 5 hits to kill. Once it's killed, use the Power of Vigor to collect your prize near the waterfall. *It's instant death if you get eaten by the Shark.*

***Trial Without Error*** 26:27
Vitalit 1 - 28:15
Info: Near the Power of Vigor after the Teeth of Stone, it's behind a rock to your left if you heading towards the Vigor Power.
Vitalit 2 - 28:52
Info: Where Baby Dolphin 2 is at with the Hammerhead Sharks, it's behind a rock, look carefully.
Vitalit 3 - 30:52
Info: After going through the dark cave to a area with a bunch of Sharks that you need to kill, the Vitalit is to your right as you exit the cave.
Vitalit 4 - 32:05
Info: Speak to the Dolphin at 27:13 then you have to find 3 Baby Dolphins. Once all 3 have been taken, a Vitalit will appear nearby. *You need to speak to their mother first.*
Dolphin 1 is at 27:20, chase him and tag him.
Dolphin 2 is at 29:11, you have to lead the way to his mother.
Dolphin 3 is at 31:12, just sing to him and he'll go quietly...
Vitalit 5 - 32:50
Info: In the lair where the Octopus lurks.

(Total Vitalits)
Isle of Tranquility - 15/45
What is with me and these Ecco games? I did the 2 difficult games which are Ecco the Dolphin & Ecco the Tides of Time, and now... I end up doing Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future for the Playstation 2... what are the odds...

Ecco Defender of the Future was mainly released for the Sega Dreamcast, and then later it was re-released for the Playstation 2 with some slight changes. There's a Gallery option and there are some slight changes with completing certain levels.

This will be a 100% Playthrough, which will include me finding all the Vitalits and finishing the levels and such, the levels shown in this description if anyone bothers to read it will show what levels I go through, and the Vitalits will be shown at certain time stamps. Some require you to do a side quest to make it appear while others are simple just hidden. Each Vitalit you collect increases your Health slightly, but ONLY for the chapter that you got them in.

Please excuse the deaths if shown in this playthrough, while it may not be as difficult as the 2D Ecco Games, this one still has it fair share of difficulty, but... dying doesn't RESTART YOU BACK AT THE BEGINNING OF THE LEVEL, so that's a plus in my book, thus this is surprisingly my favorite Ecco game than the other 2.

Getting poisoned cripples you greatly by hindering your movement and delaying your charge attacks, also... your health drops overtime, eating a Poisonous Fish somehow cures the poison, but if you eat it while you are not poisoned, you take damage. You can tell if you are poisoned if the Health bar is purple.


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