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Published on Sep 20, 2011

Once again, there are a few curse words. So be aware.

Unfortunately I was fired today for the video I posted (The Starbucks Rant Song).

Yes, it sucks really badly, but I will be okay. I want to thank everybody for being so supportive through it. I'm glad that some of you felt better after a stressful shift when watching it.

Continue to fight the good fight. Hopefully people will realize how much pressure you guys deal with and treat you more respectfully. I love you!

P.s. I really don't understand why different races order different drinks. If you have any insight leave me a comment and let me know! And of course, it isn't a universal rule, just an observation.


Just so you know,
I loved my job
I loved my boss
and coffee too
I will miss every minute I spent
with my starbucks crew

I understand and take responsibility
for the things I said
And if I offended you,
that's not what I meant

I wish there was another way
but at the bottom they don't hear what we say
so we take the risk and maybe someday
a sacrifice can help impliment change.

Hey Customer
Why the hell are you being so rude?
I'm just a kid trying to pay for school
A human being not an animal

and some of you who just get a brew,
you think your simple but its far from the truth
no I can't refill that cups three days old
you want extra cream then complain that it's cold

Take your 100 dollar bill and go to the bank
I can't break it because I don't have the change
Oh your entire staff wants frappucinos?
maybe call ahead so that we know

Please get off the phone and don't ignore me
there are people behind you can you please be ready
my caramel tunnel is beginning to flare
a dangerous RSI but they don't seem to care

Hey man at the bar who ordered a checkerboard mocha
it's time this is said
That's a nickname for the colors of chocolate used
but a checkerboard is black and red

And I don't understand why races order the same
it is far beyond me
but when an african american walks into the store
he'll probably order a strawberries and cream

The manly man gets a grande drip
the arab a chai tea latte
and when somebody is here for the first time
they order a Mcdonalds frappe

the little white kid gets a vanilla bean
of course the mexicans love caramel
hey asian lady you want an espresso over ice?
oh my god, how could you tell?

Oh oh, I know this will offend you
I can't help that it's so true
I know many agree
that it's a starbucks reality

I was there for the death of arabian mocha sunani
almond and valencia
I saw them murder cinnamon syrup
and implement nasty cinnamon spice via

Hey baristas I made this for you
and I love you to death
people need to know what you endure
I'll help get this off of your chest

Because everyday you break your backs
to kiss the customer's ass
Some treat you like the scum of the earth
and there's no way to vent your stress

Oh oh, I know this may offend you
I can't help that it's so true
and so many agree
that it's a starbucks reality


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