A Nelena/Jemi Story- Episode 6 (Confessions)





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Uploaded on Feb 23, 2009

Here you go :) I only have 3 people watching, but I will still continue them :)

*With Nick and Selena*
They are still in detention, and Selena just got off the phone with Demi.

Nick- Who was that?
Selena- Oh, it was Demi.
Nick- Oh. You finished the desks?
Selena- Yeah, did you finish the board?
Nick- *Laughs* Yes I did.
Selena- Now what?
Nick- I guess we just wait for her to come, I mean we finished everything else.
Selena- Okay. (she takes a seat at the nearest table.)
Nick- (goes and sits beside her.)
Selena- *Remembers what happened earlier, and feels awkward.* Umm, so how long did you and Miley date for?
Nick- *Hmm, wonders why she asked.* Well, we went to the same middle school earlier, so for about 2-3 months.
Selena- Oh.
Nick- You got a boyfriend?
Selena- Naww.
Nick- *Smiles*
Selena- What?
Nick- Nothing.

*Miss. McClemens walks in.*
Miss. McClemens- You guys finished?
Nick & Selena- Yes m'am.
Miss. McClemens- (looks around) Well I guess you guys did a good job, you can leave now.
Nick- Okay.
Selena- Bye,
*They both run out of the classroom.*

Nick- *SIghs* I can't believe we made it out alive.
Selena- *Laughs*
Nick- Want me to walk you home?
Selena- Sure. *Smiles*

Nick walks her home, and no one said anything the whole way. Things felt very awkward. They finally reached Selena's house.
Nick- Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow.
Selena- Okay bye Nick!
Nick- Bye Sel. (he leaves.)
Selena- (walks into the house)
Selena- Nessa! I'm home!
Vanessa- I'm in the kitchen Sel!
Selena- (walks over to the kitchen and sees that Vanessa is eating a big bowl of ice cream.)
Vanessa- So how was first day?
Selena- It was great! I met some really nice people.
Vanessa- That's awesome Sel!
Selena- How about you? How was first day in college?
Vanessa- Oh man. Don't remind me. The classes are so freakin hard.
Selena- *Laughs* Meet new people?
Vanessa- Yeah I did. And surprisingly a few of them have siblings going to your school.
Selena- Seriously? Who?
Vanessa- Um, I'm not sure if you know them or not, but there's this girl named Ashley Osment. (Ashley Tisdale)
Selena- (thinking: Osment, Osment, Osment!) Oh Osment! I know this girl named Emily Osment! Is that her?
Vanessa- Yah! It was a girl named Emily... and there's this other boy named Kevin Jonas, he has a brother named Nick. You know him?
Selena- *Remembers what happened* Yeah!
Vanessa- That's cool. Oh yah and mom called a couple of hundred times. Why were you late today?
Selena- Ugh, don't remind me. I got detention.
Vanessa- What? On the first day? Sel!
Selena- Yes, but Miss. McClemens-
(gets interupted)
Vanessa- Oh her. I used to have her before when I went to your school. She is tempermental.
Selena- You're telling me. *Sighs*
Vanessa- Well go call mom. (a/n you will find out later in the story where there mom is.)
Selena- Okay, and Nessa?
Vanessa- Yea?
Selena- Can Demi sleepover?
Vanessa- Sure, but go to sleep early, it's a school night.
Selena- Okay, thanks!

(Selena goes upstairs to change)
She is finished changing and calls her mom.

Miss. Gomez- Hello?
Selena- Hey mom!
Miss. Gomez- Honey! How was the first day?
Selena- *Laughs* Great mom, thanks for checking in.
Miss. Gomez- You're welcome sweetie!
Selena- When are you coming to visit again?
Miss. Gomez- I don't know sweetie. I'm trying to save up all days I can, so that I can visit you and Nessa on Christmas.
Selena- Oh... *Feels sad*
Miss. Gomez- Don't worry sweetie. I'll call soon, okay?
Selena- Okay bye mom! Love you.
Miss. Gomez- Love you too!
(They hang up.)

Selena lies down on her bed and thinks about everything that happened today. She grabs her Diary from her computer desk and a pencil and lies on her tummy on her her bed. She writes-
End of episode!


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