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Published on Nov 17, 2011

Hellcentric reps have already taught your body how hell really feels. Now we round out the pain, taking aim at your back, traps, rear delts and calves.
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Hellcentrics are 4-step spot-lifts performed after you do 8 regular lifts. Your spotter is key to Hellcentrics; your own personal ferryman across the River Styx.

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns
Begin the brutal back routine with 3 sets of 10 reps to warm up. As usual, you want to lift 60-80 percent of your 1-rep max. Spotters will apply the Hellcentric resistance from the stack itself. (I'll explain it as we go through the video).

Be Careful! Obviously you DO NOT want to let the stack fall on your fingers and crush them like the devil crushed your dreams. Take a 3-minute rest.

ALTERNATE LIFT - CHIN UPS: Chins work deep into the latissimus dorsi and the teres major and at the top of the movement. As the shoulder blades come together, we dig into the rhomboids, middle and lower portions of the trapezius. And since our biceps and brachioradialis have had a few days to recover, they will be engaged and primed to handle a smaller portion of the load.

*Chin-ups are not covered in the video because Mike is so swoll, he would have tipped the chin-up unit over.

Seated Cable Rows
Do a 10-rep warm-up set before the Hellcentric sets. Don't lean too far back. Pull the bar right into your abs. Rows work the latissimus dorsi, teres major again, the posterior deltoids, biceps (to a lesser degree) and the brachioradialis.

As we raise the weight to the top of the movement, we engage the rhomboids and trapezius again. No f#cking around, let's do it.

T-Bar Row
No warm-up, you should be sweating, visualizing of your eternal swoll. T-bar hits the latissimus dorsi, teres major, posterior delts (a bit harder than the seated rows), rhomboids, trapezius and now we even engage the infraspinatus.

Spotter works from the front of the bar. Add weight for the second set.

Barbell Shrugs
The traps should be burning, because we already hit them a couple times in our back workout. But, I'm about to work them really f#cking hard. Always wear straps because you want all the emphasis to be right here on your traps, not on your grip. Dip your head forward, to give your traps room to contract.

Spotters apply Hellcentrics on the outside of the grip. Make sure you communicate. The lifter has to say, "Up!" when he reaches the bottom of a full negative, otherwise the spotter won't know when to stop pushing.

Rear Delt Raises
I put posterior delt work here since we worked them indirectly throughout the workout and they are best primed for this today. At the top of the movement you'll also engage the traps, rhomboids, teres minor and infraspinatus.

I use the incline bench because I want all the focus on the rear delts and it will help you balance the weight. Your spotter holds your wrists for the Hellcentric Reps.


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