Worlds BEST Black Ops Sniper?





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Published on Mar 14, 2011

Hey guys, I tried a lot of new things in this montage! I messed around a lot with 3d text and slow motion. Tell me what you think! Thanks :D - Fultz

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Junayd Awan
#1 its fake #2 i asked for the best sniper weapons not a montage
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Nate Fultz
You guys are all retarded and I can't believe people are still watching and commenting on this! To clear things up, no I wasn't the best sniper in the world, but no it's not fake or hacked. All of these clips were from real gameplay. All I did was play a lot and record everything on my crappy recorder. Looking back I think my favorite clip was the deleted scene at the end, the guy dies 3 times in a row! lol anyways have fun hating on the video I made 6 years ago. I now edit videos professionally. Also, click on the top left to see the best cod sniping i did before i quit xbox, it's much better put together than this one.
u land every time so shit
İt is not real because other players aren't running when he is shooting.
Scareprank creepypasta
and sniping in S&D realy ?
Scareprank creepypasta
and where is the skill and the aim now ? nowhere because those kills dont need anything like that i did a 67:8
Ppl r commenting hate on a 5 yr old vid jeez. How sad r ppl these days
Tactic Vlogs
your literally not hiting the shots 😑
its cool when you make the other video its cool ok
men that was super cool and people kept saying your a haker but your not that was a cool video men
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