President Zelaya Was Constitutionally Removed From Office in Honduras. There Was No Honduran Coup.





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Published on Jul 5, 2009

"Honduras does not need any one person to remain in office indefinitely, and the constitution must be respected by everyone, not just the citizens. What President Zalaya is being accused of doing is in direct violation of the constitution." - Sheila Matute

"Zelaya was 24 hours away from being in a position to tear up the constitution and rule indefinitely. The Honduran Supreme Court and Army rightfully took Zelaya out of office before he could do this. Why will the world not applaud the government for standing against this man?" - Paul Johnson, Roatan, Honduras

"Todays events are painful as we see leaders of the hemisphere take solidarity with Zelaya and abandon a whole nation. It is called betrayal. Nevertheless, we Hondurans must pay the price of being shunned, if we are to learn to look after ourselves and not continue living on an international pseudo charity that carries high interest rates, both moral and financial." - Mario Mendoza, Tegucigalpa

"No one outside this country has been checking the facts and have blasted not only the decision of the congress and the supreme court but have sided with someone who ran rough shod over the constitution. He convicted himself by his actions. While unfortunate he was run off to another country, the country has been a peace within because of the decision made by the Military. His return will cause untold problems." - Tripletango, La Ceiba

"Chavez has worked hard throughout Latin America to align governments to his socialist cause. He has used petro-dollars to fund insurgents and finance political campaigns for regime-change. (Remember the suitcase of his cash that was intercepted going to Argentina?) Bravo to the Hondurans for not rolling over." - Simon, W Palm Beach FL

"If Zelaya thought it was in the best interests of Honduras to have a longer term, he should have followed proper channels with open discussion, not seeking to use the armed forces for his own ends by the back door. He should stay away to keep the situation calm and then we will see how the new leader performs. Far from being a military coup this was an example of the army standing up for a countrys democratic constitution." - Dave, Manchester

"It is funny how the OAS was in a hurry to welcome back Cuba with a 50 years dictatorship and a history of no human rights in complete disregard for the OAS regulations and now is claiming that Honduras is not complying with them. Either the OAS Secretary is in someones payroll or they now have a double standard. For the leftist presidents, they are fighting it, because that is exactly what they did, change their constitutions to remain in power forever, and now are afraid their people do as Honduras." - Margarita Albaladejo, Miami, FL USA

"Obama is a dope: rigged elections, political prisoners, and killing of innocent civilians in Iran and his response is lets not jump to conclusions. And in Honduras the military peacefully removed a radical leader who wanted to follow in the footsteps of Castro and Chavez by destroying their constitution, and we got to take a stand against this." - Victor, New York

"Honduras should reward the OAS by declaring its sovereign independence. She will advance faster untied to leftist consensus. Freedom from big brothers money will enhance integrity. Given her location, deep sea ports, roads, and superior political stability, Honduras is the most strategically positioned nation in C.A. So those seeking to isolate us simply cut their own throat. A historical US alliance will wax more worthy with increased independence - just as the UK has benefited outside of the EU." - Zack Clark, San Pedro Sula, Honduras


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