Rammus Taunts Everyone (2011)





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Published on Dec 11, 2011

Don't you wish you could hear what Rammus was saying when he taunts someone? Well here you go.

Special thanks to my buddies Heretic and Groxxy for input and Sarah Shepherd for the art.

Lastly, by popular demand, and since I'm too lazy to make a subtitle file, here's the complete list of taunts.

Akali: Quit gettin fed, fatty.
Alistar: Olé
Amumu: QQ
Anivia: I'ma microwave your drumsticks.
Annie: I'll show you crowd control.
Ashe: Dat Ashe!
Blitzcrank: Grab me! C'mon, grab me!
Brand: I'm gonna make some S'mores on your face.
Caitlyn: You couldnt hit the broad side of my ass.
Casseopiea: Tasty, tasty venom.
Cho'gath: You, sir, are a ruffian and a scoundrel.
Corki: Whisky Tango Foxtrot is comin' out of your face?
Doctor Mundo: Looks like Mundo goes where I please.
Evelynn: I got 400 gold that says you're worthless.
Ezreal: Ain't you just precious.
Fiddlesticks: If only you had a brain.
Fizz: Go back to your themepark, Disney.
Galio: Xanatos called, he wants his bitch back.
Gangplank: I wouldnt let you captain a dinghy.
Garen: Oh look, a merry-go-round.
Gragas: I want a pony for Christmas.
Graves: Go break your back on a mountain.
Heimerdinger: Go build yourself a hugbox.
Irelia: What are you, 15?
Janna: I'm gonna stick you in a window and cool my house.
Jarvan IV: Princess Jarvan wanna play dress-up?
Jax: Real weapon wouldnt help.
Karma: Yeah. Wait. Who are you again?
Karthus: Sing me a lullaby?
Kassadin: Your void is showing.
Katarina: Was that your ult, or were you have a seizure?
Kayle: Your sister's hotter.
Kennen: Wait, you're one of those Pokemons, aren'tcha?
Kog'Maw: I'll give you something to chew on.
LeBlanc: Hey, try that decoy thing again, maybe I'll fall for it this time.
Lee Sin: Heh. Never saw it coming.
Leona: Guess who brought shades?
Lux: I'mma Shoop Da Whoop your ass.
Malphite: I can stop the rock.
Malzahar: Quit puking on people.
Maokai: I hate hippies.
Miss Fortune: Skank.
Morgana: Your sister's hotter.
Nasus: Who's a good puppy? Yes you are!
Nidalee: Cub looking for cougar.
Nocturne: Just call me Bill Murray.
Nunu: I hope you weren't planning on ulting. Ever.
Olaf: Shouldn't you be yelling at dragons?
Orianna: Must. Not. Make. Portal. Joke.
Pantheon:Your profession? Dead guy.
Poppy: Heh. Poopy.
Rammus: Do you really need this one written out?
Renekton: You're gonna make a nice pair of shoes.
Riven: You forgot your bunny suit.
Rumble: Don't make me climb up there to beat your ass.
Ryze: Spam harder, maybe it'll hurt.
Shaco: You're not Mark Hamill.
Shen: Ninjas don't kill people. I do.
Shyvana: Shyvana, The Half-Assed Title.
Singed: Please fling me into your team.
Sion: C'mere, Stinky.
Sivir: What do you do again?
Skarner: FEEL MY apathy.
Sona: Booobieees.
Soraka: Always, I want to be with you...
Swain: I'm gonna break that cane over your beak.
Talon: Original character; do not steal.
Taric: No comment.
Teemo: I hate you so much.
Tristana: Everyone does your job better. EVERYONE.
Trundle: I'll show you trolling.
Tryndamere: Heh. You mad.
Twisted Fate: Deuces.
Twitch: Here mousy, mousy, mousy.
Udyr: I'm gonna teach you my ass-whipping stance.
Urgot: I'm gonna roll you into a ditch.
Vayne: Twi-Hard.
Veigar: Oh no, who will save us from the Ebil?
Volibear: Someone gave up trying to name you halfway through.
Vladimir: That's not how you eat ice cream.
Warwick: Sit. Stay. Good boy.
Wu Kong: Monkey want a banana?
Xerath: I love it when they sit still.
Xin Zhao: I bet you miss being good.
Yorick: What's your name again?
Zilean: I'm gonna give you 1.21 ass beatings.


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