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Published on Jul 18, 2008

track 7 side b, Catalyst mix tape

is there a place in ur life which u try to run from
a place in the sky where ud like to come from
a place for my verbs, pronounss, conjunctions
a race u prefer, things u wont say.
but feel in ur subcontions.
buried but resurrected through thought. In the midst of a concution, of fear, peer pressure and media
cant teach an old dogs new tricks, try, its tedious.
im kinda like the tigers still alive in Siberia
the lions I admire enquired thru Wikipedia
I protect my pride, I fight for wats mine
wrestle with my cubs and let lionesses provide
im searchin for the better life.
ive seen in the eyes of young an them who dream prophetic like.
am hidin from the satellite
who, watchin, I got one option... wont let them see me. CCtv

I would never... claim to be someone I could not be
Id never use my speech to burn belief's
id never try to portray wat I cood not see
But il call it how I see it. That's a man to me
U kno even if I aint right. I aint gonna be
anything less than a hundred percent real to D!
So pick apart my words, analyse my discourse.
of course, am of the mark just post-teens.
an I can only speak of the man that ive been
Which is even less mauture me at this moment, even less wise, an boast less understandin
But I can only speak of the world that he's seen
An how he saw it. From day dot. Everything he had etched in his memory jus so I could remember an jot on my paper of choice, regurgitate with my voice, like I bin doin since day I was 15teen.
but dats my talent... wat else ama go do with it
an if I cant say wat I feel then y say it.
Cos if it aint gona be real I aint with it.
I aint about that am about G-spirit.
So every lyric. Every verse an every chorus
That I ever writee cant be a mistake
It represents a thought or a feelin, or something I aint feelin bout the ay that am seein something in its current state.......... I hate debates that fail to relate to the root and don't compensate for truth bein used as a tool which delegates to all that there fate is to contemplate but never make the move just in case it aint cool, if ur breakthrough isn't great for all. ' u rise might cause someone to stall. An fair enough It aint about standin in the way of those who r movin. For me dat mean I gotta lead the way. Not step out of it. Cos theres nothing enlightlin. Am powerful beyond measure, that's the most frightnin. S'wen doors open up for me. I walk right in. no time to hestitate, hindsight will tell if im right. Cant see my future but I kno that its bright. So I don't look far forward for fear il loose sight. I stay focused on thee present on my now. On my meantime. So do u, don't watch me ama be fine

Look above an below are they still here still there
wait for it run then stand still... there
duck then conceal, don't let them reveal. Stay stealth all the way watch how u appear
are the lines tapped, like that even makes a difference when u lie flat, hid between the shadows with a tight cap, pulled below the brow. Talkin in a whisper,keep ur head down while you're walking in the midst of the land of the cameras an data storage, ID's IP's an tapes and tourist. Crusades rather than causes, somebody turn out the flash light ur spoiling it for us. Y coodnt they warn us? cant they understand im not the type of man who can bottle my thoughts up, this aint a performance, still they got me by the blue screen cheating cutting the corners Who's paranoid, not I, im human tho. All eyes on me like im the Truman show, you've bin spotted ur lazer dotted, turn around an flea. They see me I see cctv.

whos flying across the land, who's bribing with an open hand... whos spying? CCtv

so many eyes, so many lies, so many violations. Id try to try, but I cant lie. Ive shut my eyes)))))0
Shut ur eyes.
im not paranoid, I am quite annoyed. Im not getting boyed.
who's watchin. Stop watching. Im not TV.....

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