Minecraft | PARKOUR! - Part 1





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Published on Sep 5, 2011

My debut album: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hold... also available on bandcamp:

Teh map: http://tiny.cc/lowhn

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/iambananapielord

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bananapielord

If you want to donate to my paypal, which will help with better recording equipment/video cards/mics. Here is my paypal: dylancb91@hotmail.com Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! It means so much, truly :D

You can buy the game here: http://www.minecraft.net/

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Comments • 53

i still remember how much i laught when this series came out. I just can't find myself to like the new (bananapielord) mrhewbz anymore.... i just don't enjoy it the way i did befor....:( I wish i him all the luck thou :)
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I miss the Old BPL but alas this is how things must be. Good luck to you BPL or I should say Mr. Hewbz. You know what no. You'll always be BananaPieLord to me. I loved your Minecraft videos. I loved Animal Crossing and Zelda. You are the one who got me to play all three of those amazing games. I still remember the day when I first searched Let's Play Minecraft. Your video was the second one from the top just below a 30 minute video. I chose yours because it was 15 minutes rather than 30 and to this day I'm glad I picked yours. You may call still be Mr. Hewbz but if you ever decide to return to this channel I will be there to welcome you with bananas and Asian women.  I still have your map downloaded and I am making it awesome-er.
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Im gonna watch this damn series all over again i cannot forget BPL,Texty all the memories you gave me
uhhh nyah
Oh my gosh I watched you like 583495385938 years ago and now I finally found your channel again :D
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leo calingasan
I miss him.. :(
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the good old days.....
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Kirby eats the Marvel Universe
What happend to you man? I loved your videos but now you just go down hill and you dont finish your series. You basiclly given up on everything and now have a game review channel... Man what happend to you?
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James Matas
Ahhhh Good Times
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Nickolas Zuliy
Johnny Shock
BananaPieLord was such a big part of my childhood. I was looking through old youtubers i used to watch and i came across this old series and holy nostalgia batman. I can remember holding my ipod touch in 5th grade watching this and laughing my ass off. No shit, i think this series has made me laugh the hardest of anything in my life. I used to love BPL. I also genuinely believe that BPL shaped who i am as a person now. Rewatching these videos im finding I share a lot of the same mannerisms of speaking as BPL did... and I dont think thats on accident at all. Going through old youtubers I've seen I've become an amalgomation of all of my favorites, nerdcubed, northernlion, onefjeff, but of all these I can say with utmost confidence that BPL shaped me the most. My generation was the first to grow up with letsplays, I was a 5th grader when minecraft and these lets plays started coming out, and i used to marathon these vids like i bingewatch netflix now. Never in a thousand years would I have guessed how heavily my personality was influenced by these youtubers, and I think my generation is the first of its kind in this way. Being influenced by internet stars, which given was nothing different than tv stars, OTHER than one simple thing. They were kids just like us. It was a platform by kids for kids. This series and this man of all things, made me who I am today. Im where i am now because of him, and i think that he has no idea the impact hes had on people. Maybe itd convice him to come back. Maybe it wouldnt. I just want him to know. To know how much of a role he had in making me... me.
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